Chinese International School Manila

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From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite interested parents to come into the school this coming Tuesday, March 17th, to support our Upper School students in the first Basketball game of the year against Everest school. This game will be for students over 15 years old and I am told it will most likely be a close run event. We are looking to increase the number of competitive sporting events we have with other schools and we plan to have another interschool match for younger students against Everest soon, possibly as early as the following week.

When I tour the school with prospective families I make sure to mention quite a number of strengths that we should feel proud of. One of these is the very high level of parental support that the school enjoys. I am always delighted by the response we have for events involving parental participation. The next of these will be the parent teacher conferences which will take place on Tuesday, March 24th from 3PM to 7PM. You will receive an email early next week informing when you can make appointments online at to in the usual way. Do feel free to make an appointment with either myself or Mrs Wycherley if you have any general concerns or comments.

Speaking of things to be proud of, let me say that I am always delighted by the polite and friendly manner our students always show when I take guests around the school. Our students are always so well behaved and respectful to visitors, and it certainly helps to make a good impression. Being respectful towards others is part of having an international perspective. Another aspect of internationalism is being aware of and celebrating cultural differences, whilst being mindful of the values of one’s own culture. Next year we will be looking to support the acquisition of students’ mother tongues, and their awareness of their own culture. This is never an easy thing to do in an international school, but we will initially pilot this with parents of one nationality and then look for ways of extending the program to others.

Finally, forgive me for making a point of mentioning every week recently that we are so very busy with admissions. To give you an idea of the volume of traffic we accepted deposits for 59 students last week alone.  Frankly, I mention this often because I dread a situation where a family tries to re-enrol a student after a grade level is full. I will analyse the figures over the weekend and update you all by email on Monday. Thank you for your understanding if you have already reserved your place.

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Mark Wycherley,