Digital Literacy

Passport to Digital Citizenship

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“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” 
― B.B. King

Digital Passport is such a wonderful tool to let the students learn about digital citizenship. It lets the students explore the digital world giving them exercises on privacy, communication, searching, cyberbullying and creative credit.

Digital PassportImage source from Digital Passport by Common Sense Media Inc.

The students play and learn at the same time. They are reminded that it is definitely hard to multitask, so they know that texting while spending time with their friend is hard to do. They now know that they have to prioritize their friends and keep their phones when their friends come over.

They have watched the negative effects of cyberbullying and that they should stand up to someone who is being bullied. They also learned how to protect themselves online and not post or send personal information. Most importantly, they are reminded to tell an adult when they come across something or someone that they are unsure of.

Make way for our Digital Citizens!

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