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Safer Internet Day

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This 6th of February 2018, the world will celebrate Safer Internet Day (SID) with the theme “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you.”

If you are thinking of joining the celebration, a wealth of information can be found in their website containing the best possible use of online technology. They even have downloadable promotional materials. One of which is the SID 2018 gif found on top which looks really creative.

As we recognize the risky online situations that our children may face, as much as possible, we would like to coach them on how to be safe and protected, kind and respectful, as well as engaged and empowered to tap on its potential.

Conveniently, in Digital Literacy class, our current topic is blogging. Through this, students will be given the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences to a wider audience. Not only will it enhance their IT skills and improve their literacy skills, it will also target to provide them an avenue to practice appropriate online behaviors while making global connections.

In our first few meetings, to make them more involved and have ownership, they were asked to create their class blogging guidelines. This will serve as reminder for them on how to post content creatively and responsibly. Below is a collage of images on how they collaborate online discussing the do’s and don’ts of posting, leaving comments, grammar, spelling, adding of images and videos, installing of themes and privacy.

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Credits: Safer Internet Day 2018 // Collage done using Adobe Spark

To be more involved, here are additional references to look at for a Safer Internet Program for our kids. If you are looking for a short presentation on proper netiquette, this link  from Brainpop entitled “Digital Etiquette” might help you. Another resource is the regional campaign on online child safety entitled #SafeWeb4Kids  supported by UNICEF and organized by Child Rights Coalition Asia (an organization aimed to influence decisions to ensure that the rights of children are respected, protected and fulfilled).

Together, let us promote responsible online behavior. Happy Safer Internet Day!


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