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September Activities: PE and Art

Hi everyone!

As we continue our journey to further improve and promote fitness and physical activities to our students, we are starting the year again by teaching the students the sport Volleyball from Grades 3 – 10. We also incorporate some conditioning exercises to reinforce their learning of the skills needed to play the game.

DSC_0344 bDSC_0351 bDSC_0352 DSC_0359 b DSC_0398 b

The Nursery until Grade 2 students continue their journey in enhancing their locomotor movements in preparation for their sports journey in the future.

DSC_0347 b

One of our Art teachers, Nelson Suarez, also wants to share his students output this month. Here is his message:

“I’m very happy to be the new Visual Arts teacher, grades 1 through 5, at CISM this year.  I feel very welcomed by the students, the staff, and the parents.  This school year has started off very smoothly and we have worked on some very fun but challenging projects.  The students have been very eager and excited to learn and expand their artistic skills.  The first quarter we are focusing on improving drawing and perception skills.  We have also explored various media such as colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, markers, paint, construction paper, and even glitter.  Our big project so far was working on crafts for the Chinese Moon Festival.  We spent two weeks on the artwork and the work looks beautiful! When I pulled out the glitter, one of my grade-one students looked baffled and asked me if it was legal to possess so much gold glitter and I told him it’s okay for art teachers.  Below are a few pictures of the work done by students and myself and of our classroom.  Enjoy!”

- Mr. Nelson Suarez

IMG_0088 IMG_0096 IMG_0137 IMG_0174 IMG_0216 IMG_0224 IMG_0240 IMG_9672 IMG_9712 IMG_9759

Expect more fun and engaging  activities from our Specialist Group in the upcoming months! :)

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Welcome to School Year 2018-2019 at Chinese International School Manila. We hope that the summer vacation has enabled you and your family to relax and enjoy some time together. As always, a new school year offers so much promise of new learning, new friends, and more growth for your children.

The Specialists Department is composed of competent and capable teachers who are very eager to meet your children and impart valuable learning to them. We continuously refine and sharpen our curriculum in order to deliver the best possible education.

The first few weeks will be spent getting to know each other and establishing rules and routines in our respective subjects as we explore ways to learn and work together. It will also be a time to grow in awareness of how one learns and how we can support one another.

A strong home-school partnership is ideal in achieving goals for your child. Teachers may be contacted through their school email addresses for any questions or concerns. We are always happy to talk to the families of our students.

We look forward to meeting you soon and hope to create opportunities for your children. Together, let us make this year a meaningful one.

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Kindness Ambassadors

“Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.” – Wes Angelozzi

In Digital Literacy and Elective classes, we interrupted our usual classes to give way to Kindness topic. Why? Because kindness fuels creativity. Kindness move people to do their share of the load. Kindness equips people to forgive. Kindness gives people a chance and hope for the future.

To emphasize this, students were tasked to create Pro-Kindess posters using the attractive templates in Canva. They were challenged to come up with little doable acts of kindness. Here are some of their wonderful designs:

My Post

They say that you can not give what you do not have. Therefore, we had an activity wherein each student will sit on the special chair and receive compliments from his or her classmates. It was wonderful to see them complimenting each other and encouraging one another. One even created a poem about his fondness of his classmate.

Here are some of the photos:


To compliment the kindness topic, the students watched the Pep Talk from the Kid President. Here it is.

Sometimes, we all need to be reminded of the heroes inside us. A tap on the back or a word of encouragement will go a long way. So go ahead, give that smile and make someone’s day! :D

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Diving into CoSpaces

“Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king.”
- Mark Van Doren

Hi Everyone!

I am thrilled to share the wonderful 3D spaces and content creations of our Middle school students.

Just in time for the celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday last March 4, pages of his books came to life as students designed their virtual reality environments using CoSpaces. “CoSpaces, as described in their website, is an intuitive educational technology for students to create anything in 3D, learn to code while having fun, and connect with the curriculum.”

In this activity, the students were asked to choose a page from the creations of Dr. Seuss and design its virtual environment. The students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with customizing objects, using flexible shapes and adding various environments. With this, they learned how to manipulate the various characters and objects to re-create a scene in the story.

Here are some of their wonderful virtual environments:

“In a people house” by Dr. Seuss writing as Theo LeSieg illustrated by Roy McKie

Dr Seuss tribute

“I had trouble in getting to Solla Sollew” by Dr. Seuss

Dr Seuss 2

This is for you Dr. Seuss, Happy 114th Birthday!

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Handball time!

As the Middle School and Upper School celebrate their return to school, the Third Quarter topic for Physical Education will now shift its focus on playing Handball for the first half. Here, the students revisit the basic rules of the game and the skills needed to play it. Students play various lead up games to practice the basic rules and skills of handball such as passing, catching, shooting, and a little bit of dribbling. Here are some pictures of the Grade 7 and Grade 9 students participating in the drills:

DSC_0153 DSC_0157 (2) DSC_0159 DSC_0160

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Futsal and more to come

For the Third Quarter of the current school year, the Grade 5 students welcome the start of the year learning the basic rules of futsal. Aside from the rules, they also practice the basic skills needed to play the sport, which are dribbling, passing, shooting, and goal keeping. They understand the importance of the basic skills in order for them to enjoy the sport. Here are some pictures taken in the class:

DSC_0169 DSC_0170


Half way through the quarter, they will then focus on playing Hotbox, a game involving a Frisbee or a Disc.

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Kahoot! it!

If you haven’t tried this game, you are missing a lot. :-D

According to their website, “Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform for teachers of awesome, classroom, superheroes and all learners.” It give students and teachers a more dynamic and livelier way of finding out how much the students understood a specific lesson or topic.

Once the questions are prepared, the teacher can just type in the questions and let the students choose the correct answer from the choices. The students will see four basic shapes with basic colors that represent possible answers. This is the “Quiz” format.Kahoot (1)

Another alternative is their brand new game called “Jumble.” It is a bit of a combination of a quiz as well as a reviewer game. The students will be prompted with a question but the answer will be shown in a, yes you guessed it, jumbled manner. To give their answer, the students in turn will re-arrange the shapes so it shows the correct order of thought. What keeps Kahoot more exciting is that they can choose code names from a set of witty codes such as “Legend Lion,” “Awesome Bear,” and “Mystery Dolphin.” For the results, the names (or code name) of the first five students who get to answer it correctly are flashed on screen. This makes them really go wild.

When we played Jumble in class, the students were all standing up and were so excited to check if they were the fastest to answer. Too bad I was not able to take photos of them jumping up and down in jubilation. However, here are some snapshots of the activity.


Once they have joined, their names will be posted on the “Game Board.”IMG_7501IMG_7500

At the end of the game, they feel so accomplished once they see their names on the “Podium.”


The winner’s computer will display this, who wouldn’t be proud?


After you are done, you can download the results either to your computer or to your Google Drive.

That’s it! Keep rocking!

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Safer Internet Day

SIF GIF globe

This 6th of February 2018, the world will celebrate Safer Internet Day (SID) with the theme “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you.”

If you are thinking of joining the celebration, a wealth of information can be found in their website containing the best possible use of online technology. They even have downloadable promotional materials. One of which is the SID 2018 gif found on top which looks really creative.

As we recognize the risky online situations that our children may face, as much as possible, we would like to coach them on how to be safe and protected, kind and respectful, as well as engaged and empowered to tap on its potential.

Conveniently, in Digital Literacy class, our current topic is blogging. Through this, students will be given the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences to a wider audience. Not only will it enhance their IT skills and improve their literacy skills, it will also target to provide them an avenue to practice appropriate online behaviors while making global connections.

In our first few meetings, to make them more involved and have ownership, they were asked to create their class blogging guidelines. This will serve as reminder for them on how to post content creatively and responsibly. Below is a collage of images on how they collaborate online discussing the do’s and don’ts of posting, leaving comments, grammar, spelling, adding of images and videos, installing of themes and privacy.

Adobe Spark

Credits: Safer Internet Day 2018 // Collage done using Adobe Spark

To be more involved, here are additional references to look at for a Safer Internet Program for our kids. If you are looking for a short presentation on proper netiquette, this link  from Brainpop entitled “Digital Etiquette” might help you. Another resource is the regional campaign on online child safety entitled #SafeWeb4Kids  supported by UNICEF and organized by Child Rights Coalition Asia (an organization aimed to influence decisions to ensure that the rights of children are respected, protected and fulfilled).

Together, let us promote responsible online behavior. Happy Safer Internet Day!


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Content Creation

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection
not when there is nothing left to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It was a great journey to watch the students develop their own identity. Every week, their concept develops and their branding is becoming more visible and stable.


Students from the Content Creation class were asked to come up with or think of a brand to focus on for the whole semester. After which, they will build their marketing portfolio around it.


Their first design was a brand logo. Combining the elements and principles of art and Cup a cakedesign, they sketched the shapes, images and texts that will represent their brand. Some of them “started” their own cupcake companies, while some followed their passion in fashion — from shoes to clothes to bags. There were gaming brands and dance company for both modern and ballet. There was also a trading company. It was good to observe that there were also students who pursued environmental and educational causes.


To guide them in their design, they gathered inspiration from color to texture to font style and constructed their Mood Board. Here is one of the student’s creation for their Bag Company.




Students were tasked to design various marketing paraphernalia to help them promote their company. Their skills in making a business card, letterhead, envelope were enhanced. Designs of paper bag were also included.

Hammer Co.



“Google Sites” was used to house all their design submissions. It was a delight to see their business concept housed in one web page.

Tsunami (1)

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
- John Maeda


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International Bookmark Exchange

This November, Chinese International School Manila, in partnership with Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala, TEDA International School (China) and Maple Leaf International School (China) has organized the “International Bookmark Exchange Project.” In accordance with the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) theme for 2017, “Connecting Communities and Cultures,” students in these participating schools have researched on what it means to bring together various customs arts, national heritage and achievements. With the facts at hand, they created their bookmarks that reflect this year’s theme.

Here are some of the completed bookmark masterpieces of the students.

International Bookmark Exchange Project

International Bookmark Exchange is one of the events in the CISM Book Week 2017 celebrations. We are grateful to the Librarians who have labored in this project to connect the students through wonderful bookmark creations. You made it possible, Mary Rose, Ricky and Hager. Cheers!

  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/