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Celebrate Learning and Creativity

Witness the grit and growth mindset of the CISM students through this pandemic. Despite the challenges and limitations, they were able to deliver excellent work.

Have a peek on how they have displayed the better versions of themselves through distance learning in this Virtual Year-End Celebration.


Here are some snapshots of the Culminating Website for EYES:

Art Gallery Gr 1PEMusic Gr1Quilt knock knock Joke Nursery Quilt Photography


We congratulate all the students for their awesome work and attitude!

Well done and enjoy your well-deserved Summer Break!

Stay safe!

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“Staying in Rhythm” – The African Drums

Musical instruments are very important medium in learning and appreciating music. Learning and playing musical instruments are beneficial to children (brain/sensory development, building motor skills and self-confidence, and improving listening skills).

Acquiring new musical instruments helps us improve our learning environment during music class. Getting students attention is much easier when you show them something new and their excitement is evident.

In our class we tried the new “African Drums”






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Knowing People Through Music

One of the ways to understand people all around the world is to listen to their music. Music, whether it is singing, dancing, playing instruments, or writing music, is an important form of human expression. There are so many different kinds of music all over the world, which truly showcase great talent and creativity.


In Music class this semester, students had a glimpse of some singing games and music genres like African music, Asian music, classical music, musical theater, hip-hop/rap music, reggae, and rock music. They had a little bit of introduction in each music purpose and history. They listened to examples and talked about what they heard or noticed in terms of instruments, style of singing, and overall sound. Then, they moved and danced to the music in order to feel its groove and have a better grasp of the music.


The students had an understanding that people from different countries have similarities and differences, which we should celebrate and respect because these things make the world a more interesting place to live in.


Students understand that there are so many of kinds of music around the world, and that it is important to show respect.


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Mouse Skills in Digital Literacy

Our students had fun practicing their mouse skills. They learned that they use their index finger to select an object and to drag the cursor to perform specific tasks.

IMG_20190924_140926 IMG_20190924_140814 IMG_20190924_140810 IMG_20190924_141041 IMG_20190924_140950 IMG_20190924_140937

To provide a unique and platform, we have used Thisissand. The students had an awesome time unleashing their creativity while enhancing their click and drag skills.

Here are some photos of the students’ work as they practiced their mouse skills.

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24


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Art is Fun!

This month in Art class we had so much fun!  We explored ideas in our Art notebooks, we painted a lot, and most fun of all, we expressed our excitement for school events and holidays by creating artwork and crafts!  We also played games to teach us new material and worked in small groups to share our thoughts.

Art is fun because it is not only about right or wrong but about what if?  It is about exploration and discovery!  This month students got to explore around with lots of ideas and materials.  Below are some pictures of them working on recent projects.  Enjoy!

20191121_151240 20191126_075855 20191126_140128 20191126_141408 20191129_144651 20191129_144719 20191129_144840 20191129_144901 20191129_144946 20191129_145042 20191129_145111 20191129_145310 20191129_145334

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Music Classes at Work

UN Day Performance: Nursery as Band Leaders Pre-K as Flag Bearers Kinder and Grade 1 as the Marching Band

UN Day Performance:
Nursery as the Band Leaders
Pre-K as the Flag Bearers
Kinder and Grade 1 as the Marching Band

Singing about different greetings

Singing about different greetings





...and more rehearsals...

…and more rehearsals…

Learning about repeated patterns

Singing and moving to repeated patterns

Drawing about music as part of our daily lives

Drawing about music as part of our daily lives

Playing singing games

Playing singing games

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IB ART: Media Exploration

IB VISUAL ARTS Introduction to Media Exploration:

A large part of Visual arts is exploring ways to make art with not just traditional art materials  like paint, pencil and clay, but also the ability to innovate, have fun and explore new ways you can use materials to make art.

Grade 11 and 12 were given challenge tasks to introduce this skill of exploring and problem solving new ways to visualize using unconventional media.

Grade 11 were given prompts and had to create it only using 1 piece of white paper alone.





Grade 12 went back to their childhood days and were tasked to play and problem solve with kindergarten materials to recreate a still life.


Teacher’s example challenge: yarn


student’s media challenge : paper and paper cups


student’s media challenge : finger painting


student’s media challenge :paper clips

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Physical Education in September @ CISM

In the month of September, we focus on experiencing different skills and experiences for the Early Years and Grades 1 and 2 for Elementary School. We tackle basic locomotor and non-locomotor movements to prepare the younger students for the years to come. We let them practice basic movement skills that they can apply in fun, active games.





For Grades 3 to 10, we focus on developing their skills for Volleyball. Ball familiarization and movement are practiced for the younger students, then they progress every year until they play real Volleyball as the more senior students do. All of this is done as they engage in physical fitness exercises that develop their cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.




For Grades 11 and 12, we wanted to promote fitness and wellness through Sport Management. This month of September, they planned their own tournaments which they will manage, officiate, and participate in during their wellness class. Their sports will be Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton. We are looking forward to seeing these future leaders work together.


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Welcome Back to CISM from Elementary Visual Arts!

Welcome back to CISM! In Art Class this year, we are making sure all students know that they are already artists. They all have creative and exciting ideas worth sharing with others. All they need to do is learn new skills and improve on existing ones to express those ideas visually and to challenge themselves to become even greater artists.

This month, we had some engaging activities that where both fun and challenging. We talked about what we did during the summer break and about our favorite things and hobbies. We also learned to use different mediums or materials to make our drawings more interesting and complex.

We also started Art Clubs for grades 1 through 5. Here are some pictures of the students working in class and their results for your enjoyment. Art Club pictures coming later. Looking forward to the best year yet!

-Mr. Nelson Suarez

IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7489 IMG_7491 IMG_7516 IMG_7579 IMG_7580 IMG_7581 IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7586 IMG_7588 IMG_7591 IMG_7593 IMG_7594 IMG_7597IMG_7599 IMG_7600