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First Month in Digital Literacy

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
― Robert Frost

It is the first month of the school year! Welcome to the Digital Literacy blog site for Grade 4 to Grade 10. I met new and interesting students again this school year. The classes discussed what they can expect from digital literacy, computer lab rules as well as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. As a review, we played the Space Game using the Socrative app. It was an exciting activity for them as they raced their way to the finish line. It was indeed an excellent way to loosen up in class.


To orient the students with what we have in the Upper School Library, and to give them a refresher course on how to search for books in the library, they played the library scavenger hunt. It is a delight to watch them run around the library with a purpose. They were racing against time and competing with their classmates to prove that they are the best and the fastest. Here are some snapshots of the activity:

IMG_1104 IMG_1102 IMG_1100 IMG_1096 IMG_1092 IMG_1091 IMG_1090 IMG_1105

Next feature will be about the digital citizenship lessons.

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Fresh Start

Physical fitness program that is enjoyable and fun to achieve optimum wellness; this is the PE Unit’s goal for this school year. Over the years, CISM takes pride of our students being good at sports and it is evident in the previous Manila International Schools Athletic Association (MISAA) competitions. However, one thing we have noticed is that some of our students are not physically active, particularly those who are not engaged in sports. Therefore, for this year, we aim to develop our students’ physical aspect by improving their muscle strength, flexibility and endurance across all levels. A physical fitness test is being implemented for middle and upper school to assess their current physical state and to know which areas they have to work on and improve, while the early years and lower grades are presented with fun and challenging activities to help them improve their physical capabilities that are appropriate to their age. In a nutshell, our goal is to have our students stay active and be healthy while having fun with the activities during our PE class. But being fit and healthy doesn’t start at school. It always starts at home. Hence we encourage our students to do physical activities or sports even when they are not in the school and to eat a healthy and balanced diet. We hope that this year’s program will be beneficial for the students and will help them achieve their full potential in different fields. Cheers for a fresh start and a healthier school year!

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Welcome S.Y. 2017 – 2018

Welcome to School Year 2017 – 2018 in Chinese International School Manila. We hope that the summer vacation has enabled you and your family to relax and enjoy some time together. As always, a new school offers so much promise of new learning, new friends, and more growth for your children.

This year, the Specialists Department is composed of competent and capable teachers who are very eager to meet your children and impart valuable learnings to them. We continuously refine and sharpen our curriculum in order to deliver the best possible education to the students.

The first few weeks will be spent getting to know each other and establishing rules and routines in our respective subjects as we explore ways to learn and work together. It will also be a time to grow in awareness of how one learns and how we can support one another.

A home-school partnership is ideal in achieving goals for your child. The email will serve as the main communication tool for us. Please write to us any question or concern you may have.

Alternatively, you can set an appointment at the office. We are always happy to talk to the families of our students.

We look forward to meeting you soon and hope to create opportunities for your children. Together, let us make this year a meaningful one.