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Art and fun filled September

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It has only been 2 months since school started yet so many things have already happened. From dot to dots that went for a long walk creating a line, to wax crayons and oily pastels that painted bright colors on blank sheets of paper, art class has never been this exciting for the kids.

Bursting with creativity and excitement to craft new things, a child’s imagination is truly something to behold. Check out some of the activities that we have done over the last couple of weeks.

Nursery working on their Art Alphabet Letter Crafts

IMG_3732 IMG_1372 IMG_3663 IMG_3586 IMG_5342


Here’s Pre-K working on their lanterns, with their pastels and cutting skills,  in preparation for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

IMG_9302 IMG_1053 IMG_1688 IMG_7094

Lastly, Kinder practicing their pastels in creating a clown fish.

IMG_8279 IMG_2817 IMG_7004 IMG_7895 IMG_8174

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