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September Activities: PE and Art

Hi everyone!

As we continue our journey to further improve and promote fitness and physical activities to our students, we are starting the year again by teaching the students the sport Volleyball from Grades 3 – 10. We also incorporate some conditioning exercises to reinforce their learning of the skills needed to play the game.

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The Nursery until Grade 2 students continue their journey in enhancing their locomotor movements in preparation for their sports journey in the future.

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One of our Art teachers, Nelson Suarez, also wants to share his students output this month. Here is his message:

“I’m very happy to be the new Visual Arts teacher, grades 1 through 5, at CISM this year.  I feel very welcomed by the students, the staff, and the parents.  This school year has started off very smoothly and we have worked on some very fun but challenging projects.  The students have been very eager and excited to learn and expand their artistic skills.  The first quarter we are focusing on improving drawing and perception skills.  We have also explored various media such as colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, markers, paint, construction paper, and even glitter.  Our big project so far was working on crafts for the Chinese Moon Festival.  We spent two weeks on the artwork and the work looks beautiful! When I pulled out the glitter, one of my grade-one students looked baffled and asked me if it was legal to possess so much gold glitter and I told him it’s okay for art teachers.  Below are a few pictures of the work done by students and myself and of our classroom.  Enjoy!”

- Mr. Nelson Suarez

IMG_0088 IMG_0096 IMG_0137 IMG_0174 IMG_0216 IMG_0224 IMG_0240 IMG_9672 IMG_9712 IMG_9759

Expect more fun and engaging  activities from our Specialist Group in the upcoming months! :)