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October Activities: IBDP Visual Arts

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When it comes to a new approach in Visual Arts learning, The Grades 11 and 12 of the IBDP has two words: “Hello, creativity!”

Human Anatomy Sketch1


Human Anatomy Sketch2

The IBDP Visual Arts students are working on Human Anatomy for the precise contours and concaves of the human structure. Starting on the skeletal system and aiming to the muscular structures of the human body.

Working on different shades and tones in creating a replica sketch of the human anatomy is one of the focal points in this activity. With keen observation and precision in drawing, this activity guides the IBDP Visual Arts students to grow in their artistic journey.

Although Grades 11 and 12 might seem young, the approach in IBDP Visual Art is very advance and sophisticated.

“My goal as an IB Visual Arts teacher is to develop students in high standards and to teach them about things that are relevant to their lives. It is my drive to guide them and at a young age prepare them for the future even beyond high school. My students know that no matter what their current academic or social level may be, I require them to exceed beyond the norm.” –Mr.Sam

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