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What’s up, SketchUp?

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This year, High School students who were enrolled in Digital Literacy gained knowledge on how to use SketchUp, a 3D modelling software. They designed a basic house and chair furniture in 3D.

Beginning with a cuboid, they learned and used the different tools in creating a simple house. Slowly, they gained confidence in using the line, rotate, push and pull tool and the offset tools.


Collaboration with other subjects were initiated. Below, the student is working on his trench as his World War 1 project for Social Studies and Digital Literacy.


Some students working on their World War 1 project.


Another student recreated a camera used during World War 1.



Another opportunity for collaboration was with the Business Management strand. After receiving a short lecture on Modern and Contemporary Design and the consideration of Unique Selling Point (USP), they conceptualized their project and started designing a chair. It was evident in their work how they have matured. They have shown how they used SketchUp with ease.



Below is an example of the student’s chair design, inspired by Bob the Minion.

Minion Chair

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