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September in Elementary School Art Class

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In Elementary School Art class, for the month of September, we focused on expressing ourselves with colors and in exploring the power of shapes.  That is why we did many activities involving colored paper (construction paper) cutouts.  In addition, we created some interesting effects and textures using this same medium of colored paper.  We also celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival or simply Moon Festival in art class by creating decorative artwork to get in the mood of the Holiday.

For the students that can’t have enough of Art class, we had so much fun with crafts in the Art Club!  Below are some highlights in Art class and in the Art Clubs.  We plan to post pictures of different age groups as the months progress.  Enjoy!

1 2 IMG_7764 IMG_7770 IMG_7771 IMG_7780 IMG_7781 IMG_7783 IMG_7784 IMG_7883 IMG_7896IMG_7583 IMG_7899 IMG_7912 IMG_7916 IMG_7919 IMG_7920 IMG_7922 IMG_7923IMG_7599IMG_7600IMG_7597IMG_7594IMG_7593


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