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Art is Fun!

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This month in Art class we had so much fun!  We explored ideas in our Art notebooks, we painted a lot, and most fun of all, we expressed our excitement for school events and holidays by creating artwork and crafts!  We also played games to teach us new material and worked in small groups to share our thoughts.

Art is fun because it is not only about right or wrong but about what if?  It is about exploration and discovery!  This month students got to explore around with lots of ideas and materials.  Below are some pictures of them working on recent projects.  Enjoy!

20191121_151240 20191126_075855 20191126_140128 20191126_141408 20191129_144651 20191129_144719 20191129_144840 20191129_144901 20191129_144946 20191129_145042 20191129_145111 20191129_145310 20191129_145334

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