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Knowing People Through Music

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One of the ways to understand people all around the world is to listen to their music. Music, whether it is singing, dancing, playing instruments, or writing music, is an important form of human expression. There are so many different kinds of music all over the world, which truly showcase great talent and creativity.


In Music class this semester, students had a glimpse of some singing games and music genres like African music, Asian music, classical music, musical theater, hip-hop/rap music, reggae, and rock music. They had a little bit of introduction in each music purpose and history. They listened to examples and talked about what they heard or noticed in terms of instruments, style of singing, and overall sound. Then, they moved and danced to the music in order to feel its groove and have a better grasp of the music.


The students had an understanding that people from different countries have similarities and differences, which we should celebrate and respect because these things make the world a more interesting place to live in.


Students understand that there are so many of kinds of music around the world, and that it is important to show respect.


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