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The Grade 8 Debate

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Following a semester studying various gender, racial and religious discrimination cases and fallacies, the Grade 8 prepared for their final speech assessment of the year: debate.

They had to research on global issues and then prepare arguments for and against these cases.



The class divided into eight pairs with four pairs debating per session. The students researched on the following statements:

1) The house supports Donald Trump’s travel ban to the US for citizens of Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Yemen and Somalia.

2) The house does not support the extrajudicial killings under the Duterte administration in the war against drugs.

3) The house supports Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy to Syrians.

4) The house does not support the European Union’s permission to ban the women’s use of the hijab at work.


During the debate, the students took notes of the opposing team’s arguments. The teams would then engage in a “crossfire”, a two-minute question-and-answer portion.



Meanwhile, the rest of the class would also keep track of the arguments on a worksheet provided by the teacher. At the end of every session, the students would then share their opinion on which side gave the more convincing argument and who was the best speaker.

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