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Starting the Year

The past two months have flown by and 3BR has learned so much. We’ve experienced a few school activities such as Spirit week where the students got the chance to dress up in Pajamas,Theatre, and Fitness attire. For sports day all the kids proved their skills in many different activities. They all tried their best and showed great sportsmanship throughout the day!

Ready for Relay!

Ready for Relay!

Cheering for our teammates

For Math they took the time to practice what they know from 2nd grade and further build on their knowledge of number sense and rounding off numbers. They are excited now that we have moved on to adding and subtracting up to 3 digits already!

In Science the students learned all about the scientific method: Ask a question, make a Hypothesis, do the Experiment, Observe the data and record, and finally come up with the Results from the experiment. The students got the chance to practice writing their observations about nature in our playground.

They also had the chance to do a really interesting experiment with food coloring and napkins, they hypothesized that the colors would move through the napkins into another empty bottle to create new colors.


Social Studies has become a very interesting subject for many of the students as they learned all about the different Early Humans. They learned about how fossils were found of these Early humans that proved they looked different from Modern Humans. The students then created posters with a timeline showing the evolution of Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthals, and Cromagnons.

In ELA students have been building their reading comprehension skills and learning how to write Personal Narratives. They have been practicing the writing process by prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, and finally publishing their work.

Last September grade 3 had the opportunity to share with the rest of the Elementary School about the IB learner profile: Caring. They showed how it was important to care for themselves, their families, friends, and to not forget about the environment as well. Their hard work really showed in their speeches, dancing, and singing.

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Welcome to 3BR!

Dear Third Grade Families,

I would like to welcome you and your child to an exciting school year! My name is Bianca Romero-Salas and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher! This is my second year teaching at Chinese International School Manila and I look forward to another great school year ahead. I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Applied Psychology in Human Development from Boston College. In addition to that, I have worked with students from preschool up until 4th grade in different schools in Boston and Manila.

I am passionate about teaching children and forging relationships with them to help build their confidence and encourage them to be good learners.

My goal this year is to help your child be able to make their own decisions and to reach their full academic potential. I will be coordinating with you throughout the year to ensure that we are addressing your child’s needs while also providing the best learning experiences for them.

I believe that communication is the key to a successful classroom experience. So if you have any concerns please feel free to email me at bromerosalas@cismanila.org, send a note through your child’s student planner, or set an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu through the telephone number (632) 798-0011 local 103 or 116.

I look forward to meeting you and your child as we embark on this amazing adventure together!

Sincerely yours,

EY/ES Activities Coordinator
Grade 3 BR Homeroom Teacher

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End of the Year

It has been such a wonderful year filled with learning, working together, and growing up together. Our class has accomplished so with such a short time. They have learned so many different topics in Science, Math, Social Studies, and ELA. They have built on the knowledge they know and continue to do so even in their own time.

The students created their very own contraptions and devices to help people to deal with weather hazards around the world.

We celebrated everyone getting an award for all their hard work!

For the end of the year the students played a Kahoot game to see which of them knew the most about Ms. Bianca and these were our winners!

What an amazing year it has been for 3BR in all aspects. They will be missed for sure but they still have so much in store for them. Till next year!

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April stands for: A new month, push yourself, rejuvenate, inspire others, and laugh lots

Last week we were able to have an egg hunt to celebrate Easter where everyone worked together to help those who had trouble finding eggs.

In Math we have started finishing up our unit on fractions by doing different games to help the students simplify fractions, find equivalent fractions, compare fractions, and many more. They used snap cubes to make fractions, fraction dominoes to find equivalent fractions, and fraction card games to compare fractions.


For Science the students have been learning about weather and climate in relation to the world map. They created a colored map to show the different climate patterns throughout the world. Each student did one page then we matched them up to see the climate patterns around the world.

In ELA the students finally published their Informational Books about a chosen topic. They did such an amazing job with editing and all their chapters with pictures. They spent so much time and effort making their books so we had a publishing party where everyone got the chance to read each other’s work. We have now started the unit on poetry and students were able to write a stanza together then add all the stanzas to create a poem.


For Social Studies the students have been learning about Ancient Mesopotamia. They have learned about their culture and the different empires that ruled throughout the history of Ancient Mesopotamia. They love to play the A and B review game to help them remember all the topics we have learned about Mesopotamia. They have been practicing writing notes about the different empires.

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March Madness

For Social Studies students have been learning about the different artifacts the Early Humans used. They have been asked to do research on an artifact and replicate it using clay. They were very excited to make their own models of artifacts!

In Math students have been reviewing what they already know about fractions. They did different stations to show that fractions can be represented as parts of a set, parts of a whole, and on a number line. Here they use their knowledge to help solve for the questions asked in each station:

In Science the students have wrapped up our unit on heredity and genes by making performance task posters of people. They created the learned and inherited traits on their posters in relation to the parents and their children.

For ELA we were invited to read our fellow 5th grader’s informational essays. They were very inspiring and gave the students ideas of what their work should look like. They are very eager to start their own informational books that they will publish at the end of this semester.

They have continued to read more nonfiction and have learned how to respond to different articles to further ask questions and infer about the topics they read. They shared their responses with their classmates then posted them all together to see how many questions and inferences they can make all together.

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February Feels

This month we celebrated 100 days of School! The students have accomplished so much within those 100 days.


Students in 3BR have been using all their knowledge about the four operations in Math to solve two step word problems. The more practice they get with these problems the more they become experts with solving these on their own. They practiced solving word problems around the classroom with a partner.


In ELA they have been reading Nonfiction books and learning to get the main idea together with details to support the main idea of the text. They have also worked on their note taking skills which will be useful throughout their lives. They are learning to write down only the important facts in their own notes from different articles.

For Social Studies they have learned about the Early Humans. They even did research about each Hominid group. They shared and taught what they learned with the rest of their classmates for their respective Hominid group.


In Science they have learned about Heredity in Animals and Humans. They made posters to show the importance of heredity in different animals.

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Beginning of the Year

We started the year with a bang as we took a few weeks to prepare for our Assembly about living a balanced life. The students did a wonderful job of dancing, reciting a poem, and their big finale of using black light to show that in order to live a balanced life we must love ourselves and those around us.

We took the start of the to jump straight back into learning. For Math class the students have been working on mastering long division, division word problems, and word problems with all the different operations. They have worked hard on their Figure Me Out boards using multiplication and division to figure out number facts about themselves and eventually their classmates will guess who that person is based on the numbers in their life.

In English Language Arts they just started the Non-fiction unit where they will focus on becoming experts about certain topics through these non-fiction books.

In Social Studies the students finished learning about their rights and responsibilities as a child. They were asked to sort as a class which statements were a right of theirs or a responsibility.

Science has been very interesting as they observed the life cycle of a mosquito from a larva to an adult mosquito. Don’t worry we made sure we were safe with the mosquitoes and kept them in an enclosed area.


We ended last week with Chinese New Year celebration where the students performed a dance and singing for everyone. They were so excited for the lion dance and everyone came in red attire.



To end the day last Friday we had our second sports day where everyone played with great sportsmanship and took the time to be with their friends from the other class.


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Spreading Christmas Cheer

In preparation for Christmas 3BR did a great job of reading aloud to their friends from the Move Ed. organization. They took the time to pick out books appropriate for pre-school level and worked well with their partners.

In addition to celebrating Christmas with their new friends they had a wonderful time during our Christmas games and a huge feast to end the wonderful semester we all had together.

We also had a few Birthdays right before the break and celebrated them all together!

In Social Studies the students finished their unit by researching about other countries and the different types of government that exist in that country.

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What 3BR has been up to…

Last week we started getting into the spirit of the Holidays by creating our own Christmas tree outside our classroom. It’s never too early to start getting into the spirit of Christmas.

We also did a scavenger hunt about Thanksgiving and learned what this holiday is all about! We talked about what we are all thankful for during the day of Thanksgiving many said they were thankful for their friends and family.

We celebrated Paolo’s Birthday with a Pizza Party!

For Social Studies they learned about the different types of Government and the branches of the Government here in the Philippines. The students did a great job at their very first debate! They were teamed into groups and had to defend their branch of the government and why they were the most important branch. All the teams had great statements and evidence to back their points. In the end we learned that all the branches have a vital role and are needed to make the government run smoothly.


In Science we started our unit on Life Science. They did a nature walk and observed their surroundings, they even found centipedes to write their observations about. After they wrote their findings from outside they of course had to share what they observed with the rest of the class. They are slowly learning about an organism and examples of organisms. They have learned about the ways in which plants, animals, and humans reproduce which makes all of us an organism too!

In Math the students have moved into learning about division. They first practiced using blocks to show the groups or the amount in each group from equation sentences. They also did different stations to practice their division fast facts, everyone got a chance to match division sentence equations with their quotient, they got to play board games that incorporated division, and even played bingo while practicing their fast facts. We will continue to practice division and even learn about remainders!

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Back into the Rhythm of School

In 3BR we get right back into the rhythm of school once we return from our break. The students were so excited to be back that we decided to refocus our minds by practicing some meditation skills.

For Science they have been experimenting with the strength of Magnets and even creating their very own Electromagnets with a battery, a nail, duct tape, wires, and metal objects. The students have been learning that an electromagnet is the interaction between magnetic fields and electricity. They have also learned that they can create electromagnets. Just like scientists do they recorded their data about the electromagnets they created. Here are a few pictures to show what they were all able to achieve!

In English Language Arts the students have started reading and discussing “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” by Beverly Cleary as a book study. They will continue to use their reading comprehension skills throughout the book and see what kind of adventures the mouse, Ralph will get into! They were able to read with partners and create their own comprehension questions about what they have read so far. Here they are reading and creating questions together.



For Math the students continue to work on their multiplication skills and have learned how to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits. They are still mastering these skills with the help of games and worksheets.

We have already done so much in this quarter and I can’t wait to see how much more we can achieve before the semester ends!

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