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October 2018

The month has been filled with so many different activities. Starting with Spirit Week, the students did an awesome job of coming to school wearing their Meme Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Wake Up Wednesday, and our Sport attire for Thursday. Friday was very active as we had Sports day and students were able to show how to be good sports and collaborate with their house teammates.

We also celebrated UN day where students were able to show the national attires from their countries. They enjoyed the performances from the parents, teachers, and students. They were able to use their skills with the recorder for the amazing musical performance. After students went to many different workshops to learn about traditions of other countries from the Upper School Students. They also enjoyed having a feast of all the different food from all the regions.

The students had a Frightful Friday indeed as they went trick or treating around the school and saw many different rooms that were transformed into the Halloween theme.

In Social Studies students haven been introduced to the Ancient Philippines through geography, videos, and mini-lessons. They enjoyed using the epic app to help them learn more about their home country, the Philippines. They also learned about the different influences that create the melting pot that we now know as the Philippines.

For ELA students worked on finally publishing their Personal Narratives. They struggled with their writing but we practiced many different techniques to help them throughout the process and it really showed in their final products. They were very proud to share what they had worked so hard on for a few weeks and it showed how much they improved and practiced using the whole writing process.

In Math students used their multiplication skills in order to understand and learn different strategies to help solve division problems. They also moved into solving word problems for both multiplication and division using different visuals and strategies like making groups, arrays, and number lines. They eventually worked on understanding two step world problems which are definitely a huge challenge but nonetheless with more practice and perseverance they will learn to apply all the skills they know in Math to help them find the solutions.

For Science the students were excited to make their own electromagnets although not all of them worked the first time they learned that through trial and error they can achieve the goal for their experiment. Not only is doing the experiment important but also learning how to write down their observations and findings were practiced. They also learned about the plant life cycle, seeds, and flowers where they had to find out which varieties of certain fruits or vegetables were grouped together based on their appearance, insides, and seeds through a card game.

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Start of the School Year

The first quarter has flown by and the students have been so eager to learn throughout all subjects. They have developed in such a short amount of time I cannot wait to see what else they will be able to accomplish this school year.

Social Studies

They have loved learning about Early Humans and how life was during the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic Eras. They continue to be curious about how Early humans lived during those times. They have learned about Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal, and Cro-Magnon. They were able to do a simulation about a difficult Math problem where they had tools that helped make solving the problem easier and easier through time to signify how Early Humans’ knowledge continued to make lives easier throughout the different early human groups. They also used their knowledge in answering a BINGO game about all the vocabulary and facts they have learned.


Students have been working on their multiplication skills throughout the last two months. They have continued to improve their multiplication knowledge by using various ways to show their understanding like arrays, groups, number line, and repeated addition. They have been doing speed tests to practice their fast facts and have been using different interactive and fun worksheets to help make multiplication more interesting for them.


Students are always excited about Science as they get to practice the scientific method through the different experiments they have conducted. They have learned about Forces, Motion, Friction, Magnets, and Static Electricity. They’ve tested static electricity through balloons, the strength of different magnets and what materials they are attracted to, how to create strong bridges, and how to make the fastest slide with the least amount of friction. Through the experiments they learn to predict, follow a procedure, observe, write down data, and have a result for the experiment. It has also been a great opportunity for them to work together with classmates and realize that trial and error is necessary in different experiments.


Students have been working on their reading stamina, fluency, and comprehension throughout the different stories we have read and discussed from our “Journey’s” Text book. They also learn daily proofreading, grammar, and writing responses for different questions to help them become better writers. They have been working on their personal narratives through the writing process such as brainstorming ideas, drafting their ideas into writing, revising their written work, editing what can be improved in their writing, and finally publishing their work. They have been practicing how to make their narratives stronger by adding more details.

Lastly we ended the month with a bang through the assembly where they were able to show how to be a caring person towards themselves, parents, classmates, and the environment. They reflected about what it means to be a caring person and made promises of how they can continue to be a caring person throughout the school year. It was a great way to end the first two months as they showcased all their hard work and perseverance.


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Welcome to 3BR!

August 1, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families,

I would like to welcome you and your child to an exciting school year! My name is Bianca Romero-Salas and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher! This is my third year teaching at Chinese International School Manila and I look forward to another great school year ahead. I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Applied Psychology in Human Development from Boston College. In addition to that, I have worked with students from preschool up until 4th grade in different schools in Boston and Manila.

I am passionate about teaching children and forging relationships with them to help build their confidence and encourage them to be good learners.

My goal this year is to help your child be able to make their own decisions and to reach their full academic potential. I will be coordinating with you throughout the year to ensure that we are addressing your child’s needs while also providing the best learning experiences for them.

I believe that communication is the key to a successful classroom experience. So if you have any concerns please feel free to email me at bromerosalas@cismanila.org, send a note through your child’s student planner, or set an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu through the telephone number (632) 798-0011 local 103 or 116.

I look forward to meeting you and your child as we embark on this amazing adventure together!

Sincerely yours,
EY/ES Activities Coordinator
Grade 3 BR Homeroom Teacher

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Month of April

The students are geared up for the last quarter of the year. They took part in many activities throughout English week. Some came in their best costumes of their favorite book characters. Everyone did their best in our spelling bee sparkle game as they competed against the JL class to find the best speller for both classes.

For Science the students created their own ecosystems after they learned about the different kinds of ecosystems that exist. They also created different animals and how they adapted to certain environments to survive.

In ELA the students started doing research about the topics they will write their final writing piece about. Students have been working on brainstorming ideas, researching more facts about their topics, writing outlines for their introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

In Social Studies the students learned about the culture and daily life in Ancient Egypt. They also learned about the geography of Ancient Egypt together with the importance of the Nile River for their livelihood and survival.

For Math the students have learned a lot about fractions. They first mastered the different parts of the fraction and then they learned the different ways to represent fractions, how to add and subtract fractions, and fractions of a whole number.

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Marching through March

The students celebrated Easter early with the easter egg hunt and easter themed activities throughout the last day of classes before spring break.

In SS the students have moved on from Ancient Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt. They are very curious to learn more about mummification, pharaohs, and pyramids.

For Science they really enjoyed being archeologists and digging up different pieces of a dinosaur that they needed to work as a group to make a dinosaur.

For Math the students finished learning the last of the four operations. They have learned a lot about division and continue to build on their math skills. In ELA the students learned about reader’s theatre and how to act out certain roles. Now that the 3rd quarter is over the students are more than ready to push for the last quarter as 3rd graders!

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Spreading the Love in February

This month has flown by as we’ve had many different school activities. We celebrated the 100 days of school as we realized how much we’ve accomplished in those days.

The students had a great time during the field trip where they got the chance to visit the National Museum of the Philippines where we were able to see 3 different exhibits. We saw the artifacts and aspects about the Philippine culture through the Museum of the Filipino people.

The students also looked at many different art pieces from different Filipino artists in the National Art Gallery. They were very fascinated by the Planetarium where they felt like they were seeing everything happen in space.

Last week the school celebrated the Birthday of Dr. Seuss and did different activities related to the numerous books he has written.


For Math the students have been learning to master their division facts and have started learning how to do long division. Although it was a struggle at first for all the students they have come a long way in understanding the different steps in long division.

In Science we wrapped up learning about the different inherited and acquired traits we have received from different family members. They learned that inherited traits are traits you are born with while acquired traits are traits that are learned over time. They created their own families in posters to highlight the different traits their person inheritted from their parents.

For Social Studies the students have learned about the different empires of Ancient Mesopotamia and even got the chance to play some of the roles of the different social classes back then to trade for their goods in order to survive. They also had to use cuneiform as receipts in order to record their trading and buying. They also learned to play BINGO to review all the different vocabulary words they have learned so far.

For ELA the students have been continuing working on their reading fluency and comprehension skills. They have been comparing and contrasting different texts as well as learning grammar. Soon they will begin to start doing research on topics they have chosen for their information writing.

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Start of 2018!

The new year has started and the students have already grown up since we were last together. They started the year with creating their own personal goals pertaining to their behavior and academics. I look forward to seeing them put their words into actions. The students have been very excited to be back and are ready to take on the year together with their classmates and teacher of course.

In Math we continued to practice our multiplication facts by playing with a classic game the cootie catcher that lets the students challenge each other and test each one of them with their multiplication fast facts. They also learned to use snap cubes as visuals to help them show how the multiplication sentence can be made into arrays and groups. We will continue to work on their multiplication this semester to help them improve their abilities and to become multiplication masters.

In Science we have been learning about the plant life cycle and have started to learn about animal life cycles as well. They learned that a seed of a plant houses the embryo and also holds the food it will use to help it grow. They also learned how bees and other animals can help in the reproduction of plants and flowers.

For Social Studies they have finished the unit on Philippine History by learning about the Japanese Occupation. They really enjoyed reading “Breaking the Silence” by Lourdes Montinola, my grandmother who survived the war and told what it was like to live through that time period. They are delighted when practicing for their role play of the different colonizations and occupation as our culminating activity for the unit.

In ELA students continue to work on their reading comprehension skills, grammar, and reading fluency. They have learned to peer edit with their classmates and use the suggestions to help them edit and revise their Opinion writing. Once they had done different drafts we were finally able to have a publishing party with our oreos. Oreos helped them brainstorm and pre-write their outlines (O-Opinion, R-Reason, E-Examples, O-Opinion). I was very impressed with the convincing paragraphs they were able to type and presented to the class as their finished product. I am very excited to see how they will do with informative writing for this coming semester.

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End of 2017!

It has been a few months with many different school events. The students did a great job participating in all the Book Week events and did a wonderful job playing the different roles of Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roal Dahl. We also got the chance to listen to speakers do read alouds and received bookmarks from other students living different countries celebrating Book Week as well!

Last week the students were great at sharing their classroom with our Moved guests. They did a fantastic job of preparing and helping the younger kids make sandwiches and hot chocolate to share the Christmas cheer and spirit we had for our new friends. The students had insightful reflections at the end of the day when they shared their favorite part of the day and what they learned from the whole experience. The students took a lot of initiative in making each group have all the ingredients and proper materials to make their snacks go as smoothly as possible.

In Math we finally finished mastering our addition and subtraction word problems and have moved on to Multiplication. Students have been learning all the different ways to represent multiplication such as skip counting, arrays, groups, number line, and repeated addition. The students will continue to work on mastering their multiplication facts by using all these different strategies to help them solve.


For Science the students have learned a lot about magnets and have tested the different strengths of the different magnets as well as the different materials that are attracted to magnets. They learned that the earth is also a large magnet with the North and South poles just like in bar magnets. Poles that are the same will repel whereas poles that are opposite will be attracted to each other. They also learned about static electricity and how they can create static electricity by rubbing balloons on their hair and how certain materials will move as a result of the electricity and others won’t result in any motion.

In English Language Arts, students had the chance to publish their personal narratives and have moved on to writing opinion pieces. We have also continued to work on their comprehension skills, reading fluency, vocabulary, and spelling. The students have also learned to use their textbooks to find different causes and effects and sequence of events. They have also been exposed to folk tales, informational text, realistic fiction, and narratives.

For Social Studies students have had the chance to learn more about their home country. They learned about the geography of the Philippines and the different regions. Students learned about the culture that exists and have learned about the Spanish Colonization as well as the American Occupation. We did a project where students looked in magazines for different products and brands that were of American influence and created collages using the pictures.


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Month of October

The month flew by and we were able to accomplish so much! We’ve celebrated all the different nationalities in our school on United Nations day together with showcasing all the amazing costumes. The students also had the chance to learn about different traditions and countries. We also got the chance to do some trick or treating in school and witnessed some scary and frightful places.

For academics in Social Studies the students created a timeline of the Early Humans they learned about in groups and the finished product showed a lot of knowledge and creativity with their drawings. The next unit is about Philippine History and the students took the time to write out different aspects they love about Philippine culture.


For Math students have been practicing their addition and subtraction skills with more than 1 digit. Together with this they have also been practicing how to solve word problems by using the important facts, figuring out which operations to use, solving using block method or other methods, and most importantly answering the question with not just numbers but the appropriate words too!

Science has proven a lot of fun for the students as they learned about friction and how certain materials can cause more friction. They were able to do experiments with this and write their findings as a group. They also learned about magnets and how they can repel and attract based on the poles. They really enjoyed testing the different materials that are attracted to magnets and the different ways to test the strength of magnets.

In ELA students have continued building their stamina in reading and writing. They have been exposed to fiction and informational text and have been learning how to compare the two types of text. In addition to this they have also learned how to analyze a character based on their actions and feelings. They use evidence from the text to back up their reasoning for why a character has certain traits.

For Writing they have been practicing the writing process of brainstorming different ideas, writing a first draft, editing their spelling, grammar, punctuation, refining and revising their work, and finally publishing their personal narratives.

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Starting the Year

The past two months have flown by and 3BR has learned so much. We’ve experienced a few school activities such as Spirit week where the students got the chance to dress up in Pajamas,Theatre, and Fitness attire. For sports day all the kids proved their skills in many different activities. They all tried their best and showed great sportsmanship throughout the day!

Ready for Relay!

Ready for Relay!

Cheering for our teammates

For Math they took the time to practice what they know from 2nd grade and further build on their knowledge of number sense and rounding off numbers. They are excited now that we have moved on to adding and subtracting up to 3 digits already!

In Science the students learned all about the scientific method: Ask a question, make a Hypothesis, do the Experiment, Observe the data and record, and finally come up with the Results from the experiment. The students got the chance to practice writing their observations about nature in our playground.

They also had the chance to do a really interesting experiment with food coloring and napkins, they hypothesized that the colors would move through the napkins into another empty bottle to create new colors.


Social Studies has become a very interesting subject for many of the students as they learned all about the different Early Humans. They learned about how fossils were found of these Early humans that proved they looked different from Modern Humans. The students then created posters with a timeline showing the evolution of Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthals, and Cromagnons.

In ELA students have been building their reading comprehension skills and learning how to write Personal Narratives. They have been practicing the writing process by prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, and finally publishing their work.

Last September grade 3 had the opportunity to share with the rest of the Elementary School about the IB learner profile: Caring. They showed how it was important to care for themselves, their families, friends, and to not forget about the environment as well. Their hard work really showed in their speeches, dancing, and singing.

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