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课外活动kèwài huódòng 社团活动shètuán huódòng (Extracurricular activities)

This month our Chinese topic in HS1 is 学校 xuéxiào (school)

we talk about 学校设施 xuéxiào shèshī (school facilities) as review.

Also we discussed what kind of 课外活动kèwài huódòng (ASAC) they attended this semester. Then we do the project, design an advertisement for your club.

the following pictures are students finished product.


P_20171107_145335 (1)









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四季(si4ji4) 4 seasons

Mandarin topic of this month is 四季 (si ji) which means 4 seasons. We use this song to strength students oral skill, let them to understand how to express the feeling in different seasons. The lyric is very easy to sing. Hope parents can sing with your children at home also. Enjoy learning Chinese with singing song!

冬天來了 冬天來了 (dong tian lai le 2X)  很冷 很冷 (hen leng 2X)

winter is coming winter is coming very cold very cold

春天來了春天來了(chun tian lai le 2X) 很暖和 很暖和(hen nuan huo 2X)

spring is coming spring is coming very warm very warm

夏天來了 夏天來了(xia tian lai le 2X) 很热 很热 (hen re 2X)

summer is coming summer is coming very hot very hot

秋天來了 秋天來了(qiu tian lai le 2X) 很涼爽 很涼爽(hen liang shuang 2X)

autumn is coming autumn is coming very cool and comfortable very cool and comfortable


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你最喜欢什么课What class do you like best?

This month our Gr.4-5 Chinese advanced  class topic is subject of study.

we learned a lot of new subjects of study in Chinese. Also we design our school time table in Chinese, then every student need to make a short speech about their one day schedule in school.

then we watch a video to learn how to express : my favorite class.


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你喜欢吃什么(nǐ xǐhuan chī shénme) what do you like to eat?

this month our kinder’s Mandarin topic is about food. we taught kids lots of food’s name in Chinese, such as :米饭,面条,面包,比萨……etc. We also taught them some drinks in Chinese, for example:可乐,冰茶,咖啡…..etc.

We use the song from youtube

To teach them these 2 sentences pattern : 真好吃, 我吃….

I trust they have learned a lot from this month lesson. P_20170502_133631


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My favorite celebrity 我最喜欢的名人

This month our Gr.8 topic is about celebrity, students made their own PPT to introduce their favorite celebrity.   Then I ask them to have a presentation in Chinese as our oral practice. The following videos are students’ presentation.

Their Chinese oral ability get improvement little by little!

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动物园有……There is …… the zoo

This time our Gr. 1 Mandarin topic is zoo, teacher will teach students different kinds animals in Chinese. Also teach them some songs about animals.


Inside the zoo, there is……..

We also teach students common knowledge to protect animals. And some idiom phrase about animals.





students sing 大象歌

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YCT 考试 is coming

March 18 is our YCT test this school year, it is an important test, so our grade 4-5 advanced students spend 2 classes a week to review it. In YCT4 there are some questions without pinyin, so it’s hard to read it, students must know at least 600 words.

There are some websites to help you to review it at home.

This year we have 5 students attend YCT 4 test, I hope all of them can pass the exam! Cheer up! Keep going!

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颜色学习 learning color in Chinese

这个月幼儿园学习的主题是颜色, 老师结合了动物和颜色, 教学生如何表达动物的颜色

This month our kinder learning topic is color, teachers combine animals and color two topics, teaching them how to express the color of animals.










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为了增强学生的口语能力, 上课时我都会要求学生,按照我给的句型自行设计一个对话

In order to strengthen students’ oral ability, I will ask students to follow the sentence pattern I gave and design a conversation.

The following video is their conversation.

虽然差强人意, 但希望经过不断的练习后, 能够有所改善
Although the performance isn’t very well, but I hope they will improve after practicing.

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一月二十八日是中国农历新年,为了庆祝新年, 马尼拉中华国际学校, 举办了一个表演活动,一年级的学生们为了把最完美的表演呈现给大家,非常努力地练习.他们所要表演的节目是,吟唱宋朝文学家苏轼的诗作”题西林壁”

Jan. 28 is Chinese New Yer, to celebrate the coming New year, CISM take place a program performance.Our Grade 1 students want show their perfect performance to everyone, so they practice very hard. The program they will perform is poem singing written by song dynasty author sushi”题西林壁”