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Technology Classroom

This months in Gr.4-5 Chinese advanced class, our unit topic is “seeing a doctor”. I use the online flash card website :Quizlet to show the students new words!

这个月4 5年级中文高级班, 我们的学习主题是”看医生”. 我使用了线上字卡网站: Quizlet 向学生展示新的单字

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This website not only can use in the classroom, also students can review the new words by themselves at home. Besides flash cards there are also other funny games: gravity, match. Learning is not a boring thing anymore! Don’t worry the website isn’t Chinese interface, you can adjust the language you want to use.

这个网站不只可以在教室里运用, 学生放学在家也可以自己复习这些字卡, 除了字卡以外, 还有许许多多有趣的小游戏: 配对,重力. 让学习不再是一件枯燥乏味的事! 别担心这个网站不是只有中文介面, 你可以根据自己的喜好调整自己使用时的语言介面!

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你叫什么名字 What is your name

这个月我们学习了如何问别人的名字, 搭配了一首来自新加坡美国学校张保利老师创作的歌曲—你叫什么名字. This month we learned how to ask others’ name and introduce yourself. We learn it by singing a song made by Singapore America school Chinese teacher Groovi Pauli—你叫什么名字

以下是一年级学生表演的影片 The following videos is singing by our students