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Techology classroom2 -Quizizz

This month our Gr.6,7,8 students their concept topic is asking the way. It’s a very

important concept including lots of conversations, so I chose


to strengthen the new words and grammar they learned.

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teachers can design some quiz by this website, and publish to students. Teachers can set homework or invite students join the game in the class. Use the devices students can have a fun way to review the concepts they learn. Try it!




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认识五官和身体部位 (Recognize your facial features and body parts)

This month our kinder learning topic is “Recognize your facial features and body parts”.


I use this video to teach kids about their facial features and the function of these facial features.


Through this song, students can learn how to  use their fingers to point out their facial features.
透过这首歌, 学生可以学到如何用手指出自己的五官