Monthly Archives: February 2017

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YCT 考试 is coming

March 18 is our YCT test this school year, it is an important test, so our grade 4-5 advanced students spend 2 classes a week to review it. In YCT4 there are some questions without pinyin, so it’s hard to read it, students must know at least 600 words.

There are some websites to help you to review it at home.

This year we have 5 students attend YCT 4 test, I hope all of them can pass the exam! Cheer up! Keep going!

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颜色学习 learning color in Chinese

这个月幼儿园学习的主题是颜色, 老师结合了动物和颜色, 教学生如何表达动物的颜色

This month our kinder learning topic is color, teachers combine animals and color two topics, teaching them how to express the color of animals.