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Grade 4/5 Standard Mandarin Class “Seeing a doctor”

Doctor, doctor! I am sick. These past few weeks, the Grade 4&5 Standard is learning about “Seeing a doctor”. In application to this topic, the students pretend to be either a doctor or a patient which they acted out in front of the class using Chinese language.




Below is the link where the students can watch authentic video about the topic.


Have fun learning Chinese

-Ms. Tina Ong



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Pre-Kinder Mandarin Class “眼睛” (Eyes)


The Pre-kinder students not only learned how to say “eyes” in Chinese, we also discussed the function of our eyes. The picture below was taken in one of our activities we did in Chinese class, each student was blindfolded and he or she tried to pin the nose of Olaf. After the activity, they shared their own experiences and we discussed how important our eyes in seeing things.

pin the nose


  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/