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U.N Day: It’s a Small World After All

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This year’s U.N Day celebration was a great way for students to explore and learn about different countries around the world. U.N Day began with the Early Years and Elementary School parade and performances. The students were able to showcase their home countries national costumes or their flags’ colors. However, the highlight to the U.N parade was the Indian dance led by Ms. Madhu!

After the wonderful program in the morning, the students made several stops around the school where they were given a glimpse into different cultures. With grumbling tummies, it was almost serendipitous that the Gr. 4 students had the chance to prepare a Korean dish called gimbap. The students quickly gobbled their skilfully made gimbap and couldn’t wait to go home to recreate this dish with their own family!


After fuelling up on some Korean food, the students made their way to the gym where they learned about Indonesia–from their spoken language to interesting animals found on its very islands. However, what the students enjoyed the most was playing various Indonesian games!

IMG_4796 IMG_4794

As the students took a break from the physical activities, the students had the opportunity to make some pastillas candy–a dangerously sweet Filipino treat. The Gr. 4 students are quick learners, and not long after they were able to make the pastillas with ease, from forming them to wrapping them up in colorful tissue paper. After, the students had the opportunity to sing a famous Aussie Song–Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees, complete with actions and all!


Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees: 

To complete our exploration of different countries, the students had an opportunity to learn some basic Indian dance moves from Ms. Madhu. The students enthusiastically joined Ms. Madhu as they swayed, jumped, and gracefully moved around the room to four different songs!

IMG_4814 IMG_4818

The CISM U.N Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without the Global Potluck. Thanks to the many CISM families, the second floor hallway was filled with dishes from around the world. As the students shuffled out of the classroom at the end of the day, their smiles and full bellies said it all– U.N Day was a successful event!

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