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Memorable May

Can you believe it? It’s the last month of the school year — we only have a few weeks left in school but there are still tons of activities!

We started the month with the most awaited activity of the students, “Market Day”. They were all ecstatic to showcase their small businesses and to sell products to the CISM Community. The business ideas of Grade 1DH are as follows: Milo City, Happy Lemonade, Slime World and Cookie Bakery. The students all worked hard for the said activity because they were the ones who did all the planning, advertising to manning the booth and giving change to the customers.

IMG-8875 IMG-8879 IMG-8884 IMG-8887 IMG-8889 IMG-8901

They were all tired after but it was worth it because their products were sold out! Market Day was a sure hit to everyone! :)

Another Activity that the students were looking forward to this month is the Grade 1 field trip to Avilon Zoo. It was a fun experience for the students because they were able to interact and learn more about the different animals in the zoo. It was also a time for the first graders to bond and have fun!

IMG-9132 IMG-9137 IMG-9161 IMG-9196 IMG-9215 IMG-9223

To cap off the month of May, the students celebrated Festival of Arts and Maker’s Fest. They showcased their talent during the presentation of “Three Piggy Opera”. There was a lot of singing and dancing which the students enjoyed.

may unnamed

In the afternoon, students were brought to different stations for Maker’s Fest. There were lots of hand on learning from the upper school students. They all had fun learning and discovering new things!

IMG-9514 IMG-9518 IMG-9521 IMG-9529

This final month together can be an important time for both the students and the teacher. It’s a time to reflect, to celebrate, to say goodbye, and to give our students a nudge into the future. It was a pleasure getting to know the students of 1DH. I’ve watched the students learn and grow and I am so proud of all their achievements individually and as a class. I cannot believe how fast this school year went! We had so many special memories, but now it’s time to part. Grade 1DH SY 2018-2019 will always have a special place in my heart.



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Amazing April

April was an amazing month for the students because of different activities that showcased their talent and learning!

We started the month of April with an Easter Egg hunt and Easter activities which the students enjoyed!

IMG-8394 IMG-8396

Math week was also celebrated this month of April. There were different activities to challenge the students’ problem solving skills. First graders also made their own watch art which showcased their creativity.

IMG-8343IMG-8346 (2)IMG-9287

Aside from Math Week, the English department also celebrated English Week. Students came to school wearing their chosen book character. Everyone looked good wearing their costumes!

IMG-8413 (2) IMG-8416 (1)

Students were also busy preparing for their much awaited Market Day. They made advertisements such as posters, business cards and even had classroom visits to  talk about the upcoming “Market Day”.

IMG-8734 IMG-8736 IMG-8702 IMG-8705

April showed how amazing the the first graders are! This is from all the maturity, responsibility, perseverance and hard work they have been doing the past months in school.

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March Memories

March has been a busy and fun-filled month for the students. There were a number of projects that they needed to work on as a culminating activity for each of the subject areas. These hands-on activities strengthened their learning experience.

For Science, we tackled the different sources of energy namely Light, Heat and Sound Energy. One of the projects was to make their own instruments using recyclable materials. The students were able to showcase their creativity and resourcefulness.

IMG_7630 IMG_7587

After finishing their instruments, each group chose a song to perform in class for the battle of the bands. All of the students enjoyed performing with their friends!

march1 march2 march4


Another activity in Science was a shadow play which the students enjoyed participating in. Each member of the group were assigned to different roles and tasks to do. They enjoyed the process from making their own puppets and practicing to the shadow play presentation together with Grade 1 RM.

sp1 sp2 sp3 sp4


For Social Studies, we had a Trip to a nearby supermarket as part of our financial literacy class. All students were giddy to have their supermarket experience!

g1 g2 g4

To cap off the month of March, the first graders had their quarterly spelling bee competition which they look forward to!


March has been a busy month full of projects and activities for the students which they will surely treasure in their memories.


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Hello, February!

Gong Xi F Cai! Xi Nian Kuai Lei!

We started the month of February by celebrating Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is one of the most important Chinese Festivals.

During the Chinese New Year Program, Grade 1DH performed a song and dance number entitled New Year’s Twist 新年扭扭. 


After the program, the students attended different workshops prepared by the upper school students. They surely enjoyed doing activities that showcased Chinese Culture!

IMG_5711 IMG_5714 IMG_5719 IMG_5724IMG_5702

February is also called the love month so we also celebrated Valentine’s Day in class by making cards for our loved ones!

IMG_7492 IMG_7499

We did a number of activities in social studies applying what we learned about barter, price and money (US and Philippine Peso). All the students had fun and enjoyed the activities. They cannot wait for the supermarket visit this coming month of March!

Barter Activity

Barter Activity


Barter Activity

Barter Activity

Learning about coins

Learning about coins

Learning about coins

We also went to the canteen to buy snacks using our coins. This is to make sure that we understand the value of each coins.

IMG_7604 IMG_7603

We’ve been studying Sound Energy for Science. And for our culminating activity, we made our DIY musical instrument. We will be using our musical instrument to play our chosen song for the band concert!

IMG_7577 IMG_7579 IMG_7587 IMG_7630 IMG_7633

It was a fun-filled February for Grade 1DH! We cannot wait for the upcoming activities this March! :)

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Happy New Year!

As a New Year begins, Grade 1DH is ready for more fun and learning this quarter!

We started the first few weeks in school with simple experiments about light energy that the students loved! Students learn by doing. Hands-on science encourages the children to DO something – observe, ask questions, touch, smell, experiment.

IMG_5478 IMG_5466 IMG_5476

The students were also engaged in doing various activities  for social studies.

IMG_5377 IMG_5378 IMG_5379


Thinking about a business and a product to sell was a sure hit for them!

IMG_5445 IMG_5446

The students celebrated the 100 Days of School last January 30. The 100th day marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate major milestones in students’ academic achievement. This is a time to celebrate their learning and experiences.

IMG_5592 IMG_5600 IMG_5602 IMG_5604

January was a blast! And this is just a start of making new memories and learning new things this new year as a class!

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November–It’s that time of the year again when students prepare for their book week presentation!

Grade 1DH presented The Ocean Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallota. It is about the different sea creatures that can be seen in the Atlantic Ocean. All the students were very excited to perform their book blurb.

IMG_4128 IMG_4131

Besides the book week celebration, the Grade 1 students also prepared for their Class Assembly. The students have been practicing singing, dancing and playing musical instruments for the presentation.

IMG_4181 IMG_4183

Everyone enjoyed every single practice! :)

IMG_4213 IMG_4242

Each of the students were eager to showcase their talents to their family members and the CISM Community. It was truly a memorable experience for the kids–Novemberrific! :)

IMG_4322 IMG_4323



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We had an Octo-blast!

The Month of October was full of fun-filled activities. We started the month with Spirit Week which made us all giddy to go to school because of the different costume themes for each day.

IMG_2345   IMG_2357

IMG_2392 IMG_2401


One of the highlights for this month is our Grade 1 Spelling Bee Competition. Spelling is important because it helps develop the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. Learning high frequency sight words also has been shown to help with both reading and writing.


The students studied and prepared for the said activity. You can see the seriousness on their faces during the competition because each group wanted to win first place! :)


It was quite a competition for both classes. We cannot wait for the next Spelling Bee Competition at the end of the second quarter!

In line with our Social Studies lesson about  Community Events, we celebrated the Grade 1 Fiesta! Students took part in planning the fiesta. They were given different committees–poster making, planning and decorations. Everyone was busy and excited for the said event!





We also had UN Day and came to school dressed up in our National Costumes. We had a full day of activities–from our UN Day performance, cultural workshop, global potluck to the recycling activity!

IMG_2820   IMG_2822



To end the month of October, we had our Halloween Trick or Treat. We had different Halloween activities in class and we also went around offices to get our treats! :)

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed

It was definitely a busy month for us but we all had a great time! We cannot wait for November! :)





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Having Fun in First Grade!

September! September! Second month of the school year and we’re all having a great time in class! Plus, we are more adjusted now with the classroom rules and routines which makes it more easier for the class!





In Grade 1, we are challenged with more reading and writing activities which will help develop literacy skills. Literacy skills may be the focus in language arts classes, but they are equally necessary for math, science, art, music, and other classes. In class, we are also practicing their speaking and listening skills that will help communicate effectively with friends and adults. (Some of us started shy in the beginning but we will keep on trying until we overcome our shyness!)



They don’t just read and write in class, but they learn through play too! :)


We performed our first experiment in Science which is planting a seed. All the students were keen and excited to go through the Scientific Method together.



For math, we’ve been practicing addition and subtraction strategies through different activities and games.





We did our very first project for social studies which is the 3D Map Model Making. It wasn’t easy cutting, pasting, and decorating but we never gave up! We helped and motivated each other to finish the project.




It was definitely a fun-filled September for the First Graders! We cannot wait to share what October has  in store store for us! :)


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Welcome to Grade 1DH SY 2018-2019!

Dear parents,

Welcome to Grade 1! I hope everyone had a great summer break!

I am Dianne Bernadette M. Hernandez and I will be your child’s Grade 1 homeroom teacher this school year. This is my fourth year in Chinese International School Manila and my fifth year in the profession. I earned my undergraduate degree in De La Salle University, Manila with a specialization in Early Childhood Development. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Teaching in the Early Grades in the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

A lot of meaningful and challenging experiences are in store for your first grader this year. I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you and your child. I believe our partnership will result in an engaging and fruitful learning experience to achieve your child’s highest potential.

Communication is key to your child’s success and to a great parent-teacher partnership. Please remember that your thoughts, concerns, and questions are always important to me. Together, we may communicate through your child’s assignment notebook, via e-mail (, or you can set an appointment through the school office at (02 7980011) local 103 or 116.

Once again, welcome to Grade 1 DH! Together we can make this a great experience for your child!



Dianne Bernadette M. Hernandez

Grade 1DH Homeroom Teacher