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Welcome 1-DM 2017-18

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year!

My name is Dana Erika Muyrong and I am going to be your child’s Homeroom Teacher in Grade 1. I graduated from Ateneo De Manila University with a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Creative Writing. I also took my Master’s units in Basic Elementary Education in the same university. I have been in this profession for 12 years now.

I believe that every child learns differently. With this in mind, I do my best to ensure that each learning experience would cater to the different learning styles of each student. Differentiation and student-led activities will be the main focus inside the Grade 1-DM classroom.

Furthermore, I also believe that the success of learning is made possible through collaboration between the school and the home. Please feel free to get in touch via your child’s assignment notebook, email (dmuyrong@cismanila.org), or set an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu at (632) 798-0011 Local 103 or 116.

I look forward to this wonderful journey with you and your child.


Grade 1 – DM Homeroom Teacher

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