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The Main Idea

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One topic in ELA that most younger students find challenging is the main idea. Here is how we tackled it this year and it went surprisingly smooth and successful.

We started off with an Informational Text entitled “What is a Pal?” The students were very much engaged in discussing and exchanging ideas about something very familiar to them. We then dug deeper and discussed the concepts of TOPIC, MAIN IDEA and DETAILS.


Using a graphic organizer and sentences drawn from the text itself, the students were asked to choose which is the most important idea in the text.
It was trial and error but we were able to draw out the correct answer. With prompt and guidance, the students were able to pick out the most important idea and distinguish it from the smaller ideas which were the details.


Of course, the students were engaged into writing to further extend the knowledge. By drawing out from their own experience, they wrote and drew about how they themselves were a pal.

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