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Research Writing

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Such a big task for a grade 1 student, we can say. Personally, I wrote my first research paper when I was already in high school/ upper level. However, this generation of students have access to information within reach in a flash.

Technology, cliche as it may seem, really hasten our learning— gathering information-wise. As an educator, we use these changes to challenge our students more.

My students did research-writing in grade 1. It was a lot of guidance on my part but seeing their outputs and how much knowledge they have gained about their topics and in skills are worth it.

The topic was as simple as “My Favorite Animal.” We tackled the different parts of the research one at a time.

Fist, they did a simple general research about their chosen animal. I used this template to build the ground/backbone of their research.

The students then used different kinds of media to find out more about their chosen animals. They read books about it. They read articles online and, of course, they got help from their parents.



It might sound too daunting a task but reading and writing about what you read is an integral skill we all need in life.

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