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Measuring Using Nonstandard Tools

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We’ve all experienced estimating the length of an object using another smaller object or our hand span. Though we have our standard tools to measure length, using nonstandard tools (or smaller objects, hand span, our foot, what have you…) is a very practical skill we could use in the absence of our rulers, meter sticks, etc.

The students enjoyed this lesson very well. It was like indoor play when we had our stations in using nonstandard tools to measure various objects, including themselves!



During our lesson, we discussed what kinds of objects can be used to measure the lengths of objects. We also emphasized on how the objects should be placed so that we can find the closest estimate possible.

The activity Stations is a good strategy for the students to be able to try as many kinds of nonstandard tools in a given time. They uses paper clips, pins, popsicle sticks and cubes.



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