Are you ready for MAKERS’ FEST?

By Marcia C. and Pranay S. 

The atmosphere is joyous. Laughter and chatter fill the air. Children, both in body and in heart, are present and are enjoying the creations of their fellow students.

Jokes and monologues aside, Makers’ Fest is coming up fast. This event will be happening on May 22, 2017. Makers’ Fest is an event where all the students show off their creations in their Digital Literacy class. They will be showcasing different projects corresponding to different topics, like math and science.

This event is held in the Lower and Upper School libraries. The projects will take up most of the day, and preparations have already begun as early as now.

Make sure to show up on Makers’ Fest itself to enjoy the programs, games, and prizes available on the day!

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