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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important Chinese traditional festival celebrated around the world.  This activity is to raise awareness of the significance behind the celebration and to let students appreciate Chinese culture through engagement in different planned activities.

The 2016 celebration will run for 2 weeks, with a main day celebration on September 15.  There will be special activities in Chinese, Art and Math classes, in addition to special food/s to be sold in the canteen.

Early Years and Elementary students will have a coloring, drawing, and mooncake clay molding activity for the first half of the period, while the latter half, they will watch a video regarding the legends behind the celebration. During lunch time students will go to room 316 to experience face-painting.  All year levels will also be having a dice-game during their respective Chinese periods.  This is indeed another fun-filled activity for all CISM students.



Rica Miranda

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