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Touch typing

A new year means new lessons and ideas to learn and ponder on. For this quarter, as we try to build on the student’s computer skills and literacy, we are finally moving on to touch typing.

By definition, Touch typing is a method of typing without the use of the sense of sight, or simply by feeling the keyboard. However, the sense of touch is only slightly involved since this typing method is governed by muscle memory through rigorous training with the proper typing method. This way, the fingers get so used to typing that they instinctively go to the appropriate keys without the typist needing to see or even feel around the keyboard.

Souced from: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/9747/touch-typing

In line with our IB learner profile for the month in computer class- Caring, the students have agreed to make their own keyboard covers instead of purchasing one. “This way, we can help in even a small way in keeping the earth clean and have less trash.” I quote from one of my grade 2 students.

Allow us to share with you our mini project for the last 2 weeks. We are recycling newspaper and making our paper mache key board covers.

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Colorful Pastels With Kinder

As the days go by. Slowly, the kids have been becoming more and more engaged with their works. As teachers, we are here to guide them in trying to hone their skills by providing them various challenging tasks. So here are the kinder students practicing their more advanced pastel coloring skills.

IMG_8279 IMG_2817 IMG_7004 IMG_7895 IMG_8174

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