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Hola! Read Me!

The Lower School Library of Chinese International School Manila welcomes the CISM community to this blog.

This blog will keep you posted of new happenings in the Lower School Library: new books, new facilities, new technology, tips and tricks in your research projects and homework, and almost all educational things under the sun!


  • Only use your first name or a nickname when you are writing on this or other blogs or wikis.
  • Never use any other student’s last name.
  • Never post any personal information–such as your home phone number or home address on this or any other blog.
  • Never share any of your usernames or passwords with anyone and never log in as another student.
  • Always tell your parents or teacher right away if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Be a good online citizen and never write or post anything that could hurt anyone else.
  • Always check with an adult if someone asks for your phone number or to meet you.
  • Never make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet without telling your parents first.
  • Make sure you publish only your own work. Don’t, under any circumstances, use other people’s work and call it your own.
  • Make sure you proofread your writing before you post it to check the spelling and that it reads okay.

Remember, when in doubt, ask a Librarian!

Have fun learning!

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Fiction and Non-Fiction for Early Years

The idea of Fiction and Non-Fiction is already introduced to the Nursery students. At the beginning of the library class the students watched a video of real chickens at the farm and then they were asked about the colors of the chickens and whether it looks real or not. Then they listened to the story of Pete’s Chicken by Harriet Zeifert; it is about a bunny who was asked by his art teacher to draw a chicken but ended up making a chicken that looks like a turkey with weird colors. Of course, just like Pete, they had a chance to make their own version of an extraordinary chicken!


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Fiction Books Pokemon Hunting

“I wanna be the very best,

Like no one ever was…”

“Fiction books gotta find them all!”

Grade 2 students surely had fun doing the library version of Pokémon Hunting. To catch a Pokémon, of course, they were given a PokeBall. These PokeBalls contain the call number and the title of the fiction book where the Pokémon is hiding.

This is not just a fun activity but also a practice of what they learned about “Finding Fiction Books on the Shelves.” Their eyes were wide open with excitement and happiness as they find their book and the Pokémon inside it, this week it was Pikachu. Sure enough, they are already excited to learn about “Finding Non-Fiction Books on the Shelves” and of course, finding a new Pokémon inside the non-fiction book.

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CISM Book Week

Get ready for an exciting week ahead! October 24 to 28 will be CISM’s Book Week celebration. The theme for this year’s Book Week is IASL’s theme for International School Library Month – “Learn to Decode Your Word!” 

Check-out these fun-filled activities that CISM Libraries prepared for everyone… #CISMBookWeek


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Book Character Dress-Up Competition: Lower School Division

Grades 2 to 5 had prepared wonderful presentations for everyone this year! Watch these videos as the Lower School kids bring you to different places- from inside a giant peach to the Jungle of Nool and a hole to the Wonderland!

Cutest Characters Award: Grade 3SA
Diary of the Wimpy Kid

Most Improved Award: Grade 4LN
James and the Giant Peach

Most Unique Award: Grade 4SV
39 Clues

3rd Runner-up: Grade 2MP
Johnny Appleseed

2nd Runner-up: Grade 2ML
Horton Hears a Who

1st Runner-up: Grade 5

Champion: Grade 3RR
Alice in Wonderland

Congratulations to everyone!!!

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Book Character Dress-Up Competition: Early Learning Division

#CISMBookWeek has proved to be an event to look forward to every year! With all the hard work and preparation for the class presentations, it is only but right to declare everyone as winners for this year’s competition! Here are the awards given out to the Early Learning Division:

Cutest Characters Award: Grade 1DL
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Stupid Fairy Tales

Most Unique Award: Grade 1EL
Aliens Love Underpants

2nd Runner-Up: Nursery
The Ugly Duckling

1st Runner-Up: Pre-K
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Champion: Kindergarten
The Little Engine That Could

Make sure to pump up the volume when you watch these videos!

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Finally, the event that you are all waiting for – CISM celebrates Book Week 2016! This year, the CISM Libraries have prepared fun-filled activities for everyone. The main goal of all of these is to promote the love for reading to the whole school community!

The theme for this year’s Book Week is IASL’s theme for International School Library Month 2016 – Your School Library Rocks: Living It, Loving It, Learning It! Here’s an outline of things that are gonna happen next week, January 25-29, 2016!

Book Week Poster

 Remember, when we say we’re gonna make reading fun, we mean it! #CISMBookWeek2016

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Author of the Month : Roald Dahl

Here’s a tidbit about our Author of the Month this November:

Roald Dahl worked in several companies before he become a successful writer. He worked in the Shell Company in 1933 wherein he was sent to Mombasa in East Africa. He became a fighter pilot during World War II which started in 1939 and was even made assistant air attaché in Washington in 1942. This is the time when he started writing short stories for children. He became successful as a children’s book writer in 1964. Since then, he continued to become popular as a children’s book author.

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/weesen/3515201536

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/weesen/3515201536

He wrote 19 books for children which includes James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, Boy: Tales of Childhood, BFG, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was adapted for two films. Children all over the world mourned when he died in November 23, 1990 but his books continue to inspire a lot of kids around the globe.





“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.”

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