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Open or close?

Gr10 closed and open systems176397239 Gr10 biosphere worksheet2 Gr10 biosphere2 worksheet1

Gr. 10 Systems Design and Societies students identify examples of open and closed systems within the school premises. In a separate group activity, they read an article on Biosphere 2 and discuss the factors that made it a success or a failure.

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What is life?

126393793 charac.of life2 Gr11 characteristics of life1 Gr11 IB bio cell parts gr11 SL Bio cell parts

Gr. 11 SL/HL IB Biology students present their posters and discuss the Characteristics of Life.  In a separate warm-up activity, they match the cell part names with their respective functions.

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Testing Acids and Bases


IMG_1616 (1)


Grade 12 Chemistry students are learning about distinguish between strong/weak acids and bases in terms of the extent of dissociation, reaction with water and electrical conductivity of acid and bases samples. One of the main objective of the experiment is for the class to be able to identify whether a given acid or base is strong or weak using different indicators.

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The Gut Feeling (Biology Class)



The Grade 12 Bio students are learning about digestion in their Physiology lesson. The experiment of dialysis tubing demonstrates how nutrients are absorbed from the intestine after food is digested. The dialysis tubing is selectively permeable, mimicking the cells lining the intestine that absorb the nutrients and transport it to the blood stream. In this experiment, starch and amylase are mixed and kept in the dialysis tubing. As a result of digestion, maltose is produced and that passes through the tubing into the water outside. Testing the maltose is done with Benedict’s solution.

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