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Flame Test Experiment





G11 did the Flame Test lab experiment where they tested chemicals in the flames to see the wide range of colors. They are also learning about the behavior of electrons when they absorb energy in excited state.

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6GT Acid and Base Activity







Grade 6GT is learning about acids and bases by identifying common household examples and learnt how to identify the type of compound using chemical indicators and natural indicators such as flowers and cabbage.

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Marshmallow Neurons!






Grade 8 Science students create neuron models using marshmallows. They are also identifying the different nerve cell parts.


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Waste Management Habits at Home

Waste management habits1

waste management habits2


Gr. 10 Systems Design and Societies students collaborate with their groupmates to share  how they manage wastes at home.


Presentation on Renewable and Non Ren sources1

Gr. 10 Systems Design and Societies students talk about what they have learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources. Moreover, they outline the different resources’ advantages and disadvantages.


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Mitotic Index and Plasmolysis in Onion cells


mitotic index


IB Bio SL/HL students are observing slides of onion root tips. They are computing the Mitotic index of each plant tissue. Also, they identify whether the tissue is actively dividing or not based on the mitotic index.

osmosis in onion cells1

IB Bio SL/HL students are preparing onion tissue slides to observe the movement of water from the cells after being exposed to different concentrations of saline solution.



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Mitotis Virtual Lab

mitosis virtual lab1

mitosis virtual lab2


IB Bio SL/ HL students are doing the Mitosis Virtual Lab.They are identifying the different stages of mitosis. They are also comparing the number of dividing cells in normal body tissue with the ones of cancerous tissue.


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Disection of Pig’s Heart

Pig's heart dissection 1

Pig's heart dissection 2

Grade 12 did pig’s heart dissection to have a better understanding of the chambers and parts of the heart and blood vessels connected to it.​

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The Solar System

Phases of moon 1

Phases of moon 2

Phases of moon 3

Phases of moon 4

Phases of moon 5

Phases of moon 7Solar system brain storming 2

Solar system brain storming (1)

Grade 5 were learning about phases of moon and we did our hands on with oreo biscuits so that they could make different phases and eat it up later. Then we moved on to solar system. This picture shows how much the kids know about the solar system !

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