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G11 Testing Indicator for Acids and Bases








G10′s had a lot of fun learning how to test different chemical indicators and knowing how to distinguish acids from bases during our Chemistry class. They were able to learn skills such as proper handling of glasswares and using other laboratory tools such as the ph meter where the students were asked to make an interpretion on the digital readings as they test each samples. Also, they practiced laboratory safety by wearing safety gears since there is a need for them to get work with acids and other chemicals. A follow-up experiment on making their own organic indicator using flowers and red cabbage.

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G7 Artisan Soap Project




Grade 7 enjoyed making their soap project in Chemistry as one of their final requirement for the 3rd Quarter.
They were able to make use of their skills in proper handling of laboratory apparatus and as well as practice safety in the lab while working on their soap project. They used different prcesses in creating and improving their product such as melting, freezing, purifying as well as using methods to avoid contamination of bacteria. Using an existing organic soap base the class which was devided in 2 groups were able to make different variants . They used organic ingredients such as flowers, oats, cinamon etc.. and researched on the additional health benefits when added to their soap product. The class enjoyed working with their groups and collaborating their ideas.


G7 while presenting their Soap Project to the Class

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