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Making their own rivers

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The students of Grade 7 made their own rivers by using mud, clay and some water. Through this activity, students learned the concept of river formation.

According to National Geographic society (source: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/river/), rivers form when water falls down a mountain slope as a small stream. Rivers can have different sources, so they may be fed by water from rain or by melting snow and ice. Then, little by little, the small streams become bigger as more water flows through them.

The activity done by Grade 7 demonstrates this. By carefully pouring water from a small pail onto the mud and clay, students were able to observe how rivers naturally form.

Grade 7 StudentsBlog 4

The pictures above show Grade 7 students preparing the mud and clay by packing them together. They will, later on, pour some water onto the model. The students take note of the factors that affect the river’s shape, size, and appearance.

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