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G7 Artisan Soap Project




Grade 7 enjoyed making their soap project in Chemistry as one of their final requirement for the 3rd Quarter.
They were able to make use of their skills in proper handling of laboratory apparatus and as well as practice safety in the lab while working on their soap project. They used different prcesses in creating and improving their product such as melting, freezing, purifying as well as using methods to avoid contamination of bacteria. Using an existing organic soap base the class which was devided in 2 groups were able to make different variants . They used organic ingredients such as flowers, oats, cinamon etc.. and researched on the additional health benefits when added to their soap product. The class enjoyed working with their groups and collaborating their ideas.


G7 while presenting their Soap Project to the Class

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Finding Evidence of Chemical Reaction

Grade 10 is learning about the evidences of chemical reaction in this experiment they will recognize that formation of precipitate is a result of chemical reaction. They used different compounds in the laboratory and experimented on the reactions of each when mixed.at the end of the the experiment as part of post-lab discussion they were able to identify mixed compounds that undergo chemical reaction.


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Learning Mixture

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Grade 6JL Having fun playing the role of a Scientist :)

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G6JL is learning about separation of mixture as part of their lesson in Classification of Matter. They move from one station to the other to observe different ways on how components of a mixture could be separated using methods such as evaporation, scooping, chromatography, decantation and filtration.

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Skype a Scientist

Last Wednesday, November 29, 2017 grade 6JL and grade 6GT had the chance to experience talking with a real scientist via skype. He is Mr Jeffrey Schwartz, nanophysicist working with Interpol and University of California. Everyone had the chance to ask questions from the challenges faced by a scientist to atom related questions and inventions. Organized by Ms. Madhumita Saini. It was truly a fun experience for the kids who aspires to be a scientist.

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Grade 6JL learned about the evidences of Chemical Change. The class were divided into 2 groups, baked cookies using their own recipe and were able to identify the changes that happened to the batter after baking in which they considered as evidences for Chemical Change.Each group asked some faculty members to evaluate their cookie which made the activity more fun.

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Flame Test Experiment





G11 did the Flame Test lab experiment where they tested chemicals in the flames to see the wide range of colors. They are also learning about the behavior of electrons when they absorb energy in excited state.

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6GT Acid and Base Activity







Grade 6GT is learning about acids and bases by identifying common household examples and learnt how to identify the type of compound using chemical indicators and natural indicators such as flowers and cabbage.

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Testing Acids and Bases


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Grade 12 Chemistry students are learning about distinguish between strong/weak acids and bases in terms of the extent of dissociation, reaction with water and electrical conductivity of acid and bases samples. One of the main objective of the experiment is for the class to be able to identify whether a given acid or base is strong or weak using different indicators.

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