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Interactive System Models

Gr.10 students created interactive system models as a summative assessment for the subject Systems  Design and Societies.

One of the groups made a model for Water Cycle, the other group prepared a model for the Human Digestive System while the third group created the Urinary System model.

The fourth group created a model of the Human reproductive systems. It showcases how the sperm cells approach the mature egg cell in the fallopian tube. In this model, the students used Hot wheel toy cars and its tracks to simulate sperm movement.

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Genetic Offspring Models

Problem: Based on the genotype and phenotype of the
parents, can you design a model of the offspring?

Gr.7 students chose chromosome pairs (one from each
“bug” parent) with specific genotype and phenotype.
Students created models of bug offspring using the
known traits of its parents.

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Modeling Mendel: Predicting the Outcome of Genetic Crosses

Modeling Mendel 2

Modeling Mendel1

Gr.7 students were able to predict the traits (phenotype) of offspring from parents whose genetic composition (genotype) is known. Students also demonstrated the difference between dominant and recessive alleles. This activity visually introduced the terms used in Punnett Squares.

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