Welcome SY 2014-15

Another school year of service-learning to become global citizens awaits all of us at the Upper School. For the first semester, Service Learning projects will have two thrusts–one focusing on a Social Science area (Education) and the other on a Science issue (Biodiversity or Deforestation or Infectious Diseases).

Students in their respective homerooms will decide on which area they would like to focus on, either Social Science or Science, for their major Service Learning Project for this semester.

It is possible that the commitments of our groups from the 2nd semester of SY 2013-14 may continue, but be sponsored by homerooms interested in continuing these.

Learning how to become a Hero

One of our Service Learning Gang Groups this semester, “Education for All,” has “partnered” with one of the most respected NGOs in the field of education–the Hero Foundation, dedicated to providing children of members of the Philippine military forces with assistance in their educational needs.  The gang group members interviewed the widows and children survivors of deceased members of the military with the intent of writing a digital storybook revolving around the life of a HERO scholar of the foundation.