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Spread Kindness Like Confetti

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Hello again,

Spring has sprung! This month we launched our schoolwide Anti-Bullying Campaign. We were fortunate to have Ms. Karen Davila and Senator Sonny Angara visit CISM to share their wisdom with our community. Ms. Davila spoke to the EY/ES students about spreading kindness and being true to yourself, while Senator Angara discussed the Anti-bullying Law and how our MS/HS students can stand up for one another and prevent bullying before it starts.

We launched our Links of Kindness campaign, wherein we invited students, parents, teachers, and staff to write down what kindness means to them on colorful strips of paper that we subsequently connected. You can check out our Kindness Links in the main entrance hall — feel free to add your own!

Links of Kindness Links of Kindness 2

Other initiatives we launched include the Buddy Benches and our Anti-Bullying Slogan/Poster contests. In our guidance classes, we have been covering how to cultivate a kindness culture in our school. Students have been reflecting on “kindness heroes” in their lives and at school, and were given the chance to draw and give presentations about their kindness heroes to each other. They were also asked to work together and write kindness acrostic poems that they later presented to the whole class.


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