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The Key to Being a Good Friend

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Friendship is the theme for the Guidance Class of the Grade 3 students this month. Students were given their own key to write on the characteristics of a good friend. Students then decorated their key.

cof cofcof cof

We then discuss how to be F.R.I.E.N.D.S:

F – Find something in Common
R – Respect other students (space, property, ideas)
I – Invite and include kids to participate
E – Empathy (Show YOU care)
N – Know when to support each other
D – Do the right thing (even if no one is looking)
S – Say you’re SORRY (everyone makes mistakes)

Here’s the compilation of their work =)

cof*Poster posted in the Guidance Office

Woohoo! Good job Grade 3 students! May you always remember the keys to being a good friend! =)

See you next month!



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