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Appeal Process for Exceeding the 8 absence limit per class per semester

Quoted from the Handbook for SY 2012-13:

“If a student exceeds the 8-absences limit per class, per semester, and his/her parent wants to make a request for this policy to be waived,

  • Appeals should be in writing and addressed to the Headmaster;
  • Deadline for appeal for credit reinstatement is December 1st for semester 1 and May 15 for semester 2;
  • All course requirements for the semester have to be met.

Note that in reviewing appeals, the following are considered:  the student’s academic performance in his/her classes for the current semester; student’s attendance records since being informed of the absences of the student.

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What is Service Learning?

According to Cathryn Berger Kaye, internationally renowned educator and consultant to many private and public school districts in the U.S.A., international schools all over the world, the Ministry of Education of Singapore, and most recently the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), service learning combines “investigation, preparation and planning, action, reflection, and demonstration,” the five stages that engage students in developing civic literacy in the 21st century.

Schools interested in building foundations for a culture of service must investigate elements within their curriculum and co-curricular activities that will foster and establish authentic service learning. At CISM, two of our core values are providing “Service to make a difference” and living with a “Mission to leave a legacy.” It is because of these that we have started to redefine our service learning program.  It will form an integral part of each subject’s core curriculum and the students will be involved in identifying the needs and leading the implementation of programs of action that will address these needs.  Teachers facilitate the learning opportunities for their students.

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A Summary Report on GINSING 2012

Eight student delegates from our high school left a week ago to participate in a Global Issues Network three-day conference in Singapore.  Starting all the way back in 2003, GIN conferences have changed the lives of their student delegates and teacher chaperones.  Why?  Primarily because at these conferences, students and teachers join heads, hands and hearts as they investigate, probe, analyze and come up with sustainable solutions for some of the most pressing issues that affect our natural and human environments.  In short, Planet Earth!

At GINSING 2012, the following high school student delegates joined different global action student groups (GANGS) that comprise the GIN network of some 800 international schools in the Asia-Pacific region and its neighbors. The global issue assigned for GANG discussions during the two-day intensive conference is found alongside the names of the delegates:

Stefania del Rosario and Caitlin Ng (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss);

Serena Uy (Maritime Safety and Pollution);

Neil Barria and Andy Cheon (Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation);

Karen Ong (Illegal Drugs);

Spencer Kang and Megan Arambulo (Intellectual Property Rights)

To spark the first day of the conference, the students and their teachers participated in different environmental excursions, called Ecocare, to natural, technological and educational places in Singapore. These educational experiences were designed to ignite the fire of curiosity so that during the conferences the students would be motivated to embark on truly meaningful action plans for their respective global issue.

A special treat for all delegates were the inspirational speeches by keynote speakers–famous men and women who have committed their lives and professions to being stewards of the planet. Some of them are:  John Wood (www.roomtoread.org); Abigail Alling (www.biospherefoundation.org); Hannah Taylor (www.ladybugfoundation.ca); and Emmanuel Laumonier (www.yayasan-emmanuel.org).

We congratulate our student delegates for the commendations they received from their facilitators and co-delegates.  These only prove that we have begun to think of ourselves as truly BIG FISH in a big sea.  Well-done, delegates!

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