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Relax! It’s Spring Break!

As our students take a week-long break, we encourage parents to motivate their children to engage in activities that will continue their learning, even as they are temporarily out of the walls of the classroom.  What are such activities?  Reading books is one!  Our Upper School Librarian has come up with a list of suggested books.  Check out the Upper School Library site as well as my own list of recommended books in my teacher’s blog page (Mrs. Velasquez).

Enjoy the holiday, everyone!  See you April 1st!  And that’s not a joke.

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All set for Fourth Quarter!

It’s the last lap that our children have to run before the school year ends in June, so let’s encourage them to do their best academically.  A good transcript of records can be their ticket to college acceptances into the best universities here and abroad.

The time to change for the better is NOW, so let’s just do it, students!

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And the Griffins rule!

Congratulations to the Blue Griffin House for winning today’s Sportsfest!

Good job, though not the best, from the Yellow Pegasus House and the Red Phoenix House!

We will meet again next year!

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Consequences for perennial tardiness!

Quoting from the Student Parent Handbook (under Resources tab) on tardiness:

Students are expected to arrive in school on time for their first block each morning. They are expected to arrive on time to all their classes. Students arriving tardy to a class may receive a disciplinary consequence from the teacher. Repeated tardiness will be reported to the Homeroom teacher, Guidance Counselor, and the Upper School Director. A third tardy in one class will have a warning sent home. On the ninth tardy, credit will be lost. A grade will still be received, but no credit will be awarded.

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Spirit Week in full blast March 11-15

The three houses–Red Phoenix; Blue Griffin; and Yellow Pegasus–are in the midst of cheering and sports practices for the culminating event of  Spirit Week:  Sports Day on March 15th, Friday.  Though a half-day schedule only, we expect that competitions will be close and tight for every event the students are preparing for.

Monday kicks off the spirit of the week with Pajama Day; Tuesday, superheroes and their foes will take center stage; Wednesday, we go back to the unforgettable decades–the sixties; the seventies; eighties and nineties; Thursday, bonding with Cliques in school to establish the group’s unique identity.

Get set everyone to GO!GO!GO!

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