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Monthly Archives: August 2013

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We’re Back!!!

Classes have resumed at the Upper School this week, and we are strongly encouraging parents to help their children get their focus back by monitoring the time at home spent on doing homework and other school-related activities.

In the event of more school suspensions, students should go on their respective class blogs that their teachers set up in order to check on the school work they need to be doing as catch-up work.  In this age of technology, learning transcends the walls of the classroom!  There should be complaints about boredom while waiting for the weather to clear up so they can return to school.

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Smooth start for us at the High School!

Thank you students, parents and teachers for a very smooth opening of the school year!  On the first week, we already had a gift in the form of a holiday (courtesy of our Muslim brothers and sisters in the country) who celebrated one of two big feasts for their religion.

This week, we nearly got hit by Typhoon Labuyo, but luckily he decided to spare Metro Manila, including our city, Taguig!  Now it’s back to school work to meet the number of hours we need to fulfill all our requirements not only from DepEd but also from IBO.


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