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Welcome back! We hope that families had a fun and safe summer vacation. We also welcome our new students and their families!

My name is Selene Sison-Olvido and I have been in the academe for four decades. I had the privilege of teaching students in all the levels, from elementary to college. Part of my intercultural and international experience was working for the United Nations (UN) as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher for refugees seeking asylum to other countries.

I have been an international school teacher and administrator for three decades, most part of it was spent outside the country. My experience with students, teachers, parents and the community has been very rewarding. I believe that working with people, teens and adults, who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures and with diverse skills, is my biggest strength.


I consider parents as my fellow advocates and strong partners in molding minds and character of the children, our students, through partnership built on trust and open communication. I have an open-door policy and no concern brought to my attention is small or insignificant, when it is about student learning and well-being.

I like traveling, reading, writing, dining out, experiencing different cuisines, and shopping. I believe in role modeling standards and expectations and holding fellow educators’ and students’ hands through the journey to excellence. This is the kind of educator and leader that I am, and sharing my skills so others may shine, is my biggest happiness and fulfillment. I am also happy and proud that my daughter chose to be an educator like me. It is a joy to see and feel her fulfillment from taking the same journey.

My goal as Director of Middle-High School is to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff in my department conscientiously embody the Mission, Vision, and Values that CISM stands for, as an institution and community of global citizens who make a difference in the lives of others.

Again, WELCOME TO SY 19-20! With everyone’s support and partnership, I am positive that this year will be another successful one.



Council of International Schools (CIS) Coordinator

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IB Econ 12

Econ 12 students are being given additional worksheets to work on optionally, as they have already been preparing and revising.

On volunteer basis, students can revise with the teacher for some Paper 3 topics they are not yet confident about.

Worksheets are available at the teacher’s desk as needed.

External examinations are next week.

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IB Econ 11

For the last week of April, as students learned the basic objectives quickly, the short week is devoted to:

Keynesian vs. Monetarist AS/AD models and when to use them appropriately

4 Demand Side policies (contractionary and expansionary)

8 Supply Side policies (interventionist vs. non-interventionist)

May is devoted for practice questions (formative and summative tasks) for Macroeconomics.

Paper 3 for HL will be discussed after Final Examinations.

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IB Econ 12

Students will receive about their Mock Exam results and will be hearing about their strengths and weaknesses per Paper.

They are almost ready for the IB External Examinations and just need fine tuning of their essay and quantitative skills.

The entire syllabus will be reviewed to determine the confidence level of students in each and every topic, and the additional help they need.

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IB Econ 11

Just after the Easter Break and student have already learned the basic macroeconomic objectives:

1) Economic Growth vs. Economic Development

2) Low Unemployment

3) Low and Stable Prices

4) Equitable Distribution of Income

5) External Equilibrium

In depth discussions have ensued for the first two topics with practice questions. The rest of April is devoted for Objective 3 and 4, and discussions on the differences between Monetarist vs. Keynesian AD/ AS models. Should time permit, Demand Side and Supply Side discussions are in the pipeline.

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