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Coffee With New Books


It is the privilege of the Library Team to launch the new books collection during a “Coffee With New Books” event held last Wednesday morning, 18 April 2017.

We were thrilled to showcase the Eric Carle and Patricia Polacco collection, debuting authors of fiction books such as Dave Eggers, Maria Davana Headley, Cassandara Clare, and Pierce Brown to name a few for the fiction section. We also have multicultural titles, self-help books and numerous non-fiction materials for research.

Our esteemed faculty from the Early Years, Elementary, Middle School and High School levels graced the launch. Here are some of the snapshots during the event.

IMG_3486IMG_3484IMG_3485IMG_6089IMG_6093IMG_6097IMG_6102IMG_6110 IMG_6072

IMG_3477IMG_6171IMG_3470IMG_3472IMG_3471IMG_6159IMG_3473IMG_3474IMG_3480IMG_3481IMG_3482IMG_3483IMG_3487 IMG_3492

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Spoken Word Workshop


The Library and English Department would like to thank Mr. Marlo Cabrera for being our honored speaker in the Spoken Word Workshop for the CISM Middle School students held on the 14th of March 2017.

Mr. Marlo Cabrera is a third year Entrepreneurship student who enjoys writing poetry and making art. He is an Executive Director of Risen Collective, an art organization composed of college students from McKinley Hill. Mr. Marlo has also been part of multiple organizations namely Logos, The Upward Project and a Folio called Ampersand.

Mr. Marlo guided the MS students as they wrote their own pieces. Some students did poems about food, war, the beach, and the CISM family. In his short history overview, he mentioned the presence of Spoken Word in the Philippines as early as the staging of “Balagtasan.” As event highlights, Mr. Cabrera showcased his skills in Spoken Word poetry when he performed his original pieces on “anti-bullying” and the complex matter called “love.”

Here are some snapshots during the Poetry Workshop:


IMG_2702 IMG_2711 IMG_2712


A student performs a poem made by some of her classmates.

IMG_2714 IMG_2717


Students consult with Mr. Marlo their chosen topics.

IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2721


Students were asked to narrow down their topics and use similes, hyperboles, and metaphors as they write their pieces.



Mr. Cabrera’s Poetry Workshop with the next batch of CISM students at the Upper School Library.

IMG_2735 IMG_2734
Students were chosen to share their chosen topics.



After writing, some of the writers were called in front to share what they have created.

IMG_2733 IMG_2732 IMG_2731


Mr. Cabrera also shared tips and reminders when doing your Spoken Word Performance.

IMG_2727 IMG_2726 IMG_2724

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.”
- Dr. Seuss

In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the CISM library hosted activities that will make each person read his books again and again and again.

The Lower School Library invited guest readers to read aloud selected famous books of Dr. Seuss.


We hosted a free movie showing of The Lorax in the Middle School and High School while “Horton hears a Who” for Early Years and the Elementary students. We had free popcorn and juice to enhance their viewing experience.

IMG_4602 IMG_4595 IMG_4607 IMG_4617 IMG_4618 IMG_4622 IMG_2377 IMG_2374 IMG_2371 IMG_2368

We invited the students to take a picture using our Instagram-designed frame. They were holding their favorite Dr. Seuss quotes. Here are some photos:

IMG_2351 IMG_2345 IMG_2382 IMG_2385 IMG_2364


Thank you for your life and creations Mr. Theodor Geisel!

Happy birthday!

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Book Speed-Dating

Inspired by Mrs. ReadersPants, we in CISM organized our own Book Speed-Dating as we celebrated Book Lover’s Month. Each grade level was given a block to spend in the Library for the Book Speed-Dating Game. Students were given five minutes each to go around the tables of books. On the tables were various book choices from different genres: Romance, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Filipiniana, Realistic/Inspirational.

IMG_2085 IMG_2087 IMG_2086 IMG_2080 IMG_2081

For the first two minutes, the students will look at the titles and browse interesting ones, observing the pictures, reading blurbs and other information. Afterwards, they will choose one title. For the next three minutes, they will start reading. When the signal alarm rings, they will proceed to the next table of books and go through the book speed-dating experience again.











To summarize their experience, they will write a blog post sharing the titles and the reasons why those were chosen. They will also include a shelfie of them holding their favorite book during the Book Speed-Dating.

IMG_2077 IMG_2078 IMG_2051 IMG_2052


In addition, a Blind Date with a book was happening throughout the week. Books were wrapped and only a short blurb will be shown. The students who borrowed will get the chance to join the raffle and win a sweet surprise.

Blind Date US

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Library collaboration with Science

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” – Amy Poehler

The topic of Ms. Madhu’s class on Earth science were earthquakes, plate tectonic theories, faults, and movement of earth to create mountains and valleys. The other grade level were researching on genetics and tracing their family traits. Resources from the library were compiled to give students sources of valuable information.

IMG_3502IMG_3503 IMG_3505IMG_3504 IMG_3506

A separate block was dedicated to provide students a review on the use of the available online references such as Explora and EBSCO Host.

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CISM Libraries Book Week Highlights S.Y. 2016 – 2017

The CISM LIBRARIES celebrated their book week last October 24 – 28, 2016.


Last October 2016, CISM Libraries had the International School Library Month’s/ISLM’s theme of “Learn to Decode Your World”. The activities held were Storytelling by Ms. Melody Remorca, Book Character Dress-Up Competition, DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Time, Guess Who’s Reading Game, Book Spine Poetry Contest, Book Fair, #Shelfie, and a Photo booth.

Overall, the celebration was a success. Everyone had fun with the activities held by the library.

Here’s a video highlights of the Book Week:


Winners for the Guess Who’s Reading Game and Book Spine Poetry Contest was announced last MS/HS General Assembly on November 14, 2016 and all received their prizes.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you all for participating!

Also, a special thanks to the CISM-Globlal Issues Network, the DREAMS Corps, the faculty, the staff and the administration for supporting this school year’s book week.

We look forward to another successful Book Week Celebration next year.

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” 
― Margaret Fuller
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“Learn to Decode Your World” — CISM Book Week

CISM Libraries celebrates Book Week this October 2016

Hello Dragons, Are you excited for the incoming Book Week? 

The CISM Libraries have prepared fun events for everyone. The theme for this Book Week is “Learn to Decode Your World” from International School Library Month 2016. The main goal is to promote the love for reading to the school community.

See our poster for details. Come and join our events!

#CISMBookWeek #LearntoDecodeYourWorld #ISLM2016

Book Week Poster

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Welcome SY 2016-2017

We are excited to welcome you to the School Year 2016-2017.

We hope you like the new colors that we have chosen for our walls and the profiles of some of the prominent authors showing off their famous quotes.

new walls

The doors are open for you to browse through the growing collection of the CISM Upper School Library. Classic literary collection as well as new titles can be read while curled up in your favorite library bean bag.

The CISM access to EBSCO Host provides vast references on academic journals, videos, and studies for your research. Our subscription to TIME, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic will be a favorite resource for you.

Do ask us questions so together we can discover and unlock ideas and possibilities.

See you soon!


  • http://www.deped.gov.ph/