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Chinese activity for reviewing vocabulary


An extra 15 minutes of class time can turn into this. A simple activity wherein the student/s create a “Word Web”. Starting from one Chinese word, the student/s can write down other Chinese words by borrowing one character from a Chinese word already written down. It’s a quick and easy way to review words that the student have learned before but are not really part of the current lesson. This prevents forgetting previously learned vocabulary. The teacher acts as a moderator for this activity and simply guides the students by providing hints to further expand the “web”.

This particular one was done by one student in 12th grade Chinese B SL within a 15-minute time frame.

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Chinese Standard (Grade 9/10) – Challenging the students

Learning a new language requires hard work and dedication. This year, the grade 9/10 students of the Chinese Standard class are being challenged to significantly raise their level of Chinese by not only being able to recall vocabulary words that are recently taught, but also the ones that they were taught in previous weeks, months, or even years ago. This comprehensive approach to language encourages students to not only be concerned with what is currently being taught in class but to learn Chinese as another form of communication that they can use regularly.

The emphasis this school year of being able to decipher the meaning of words by knowing the meaning of individual characters helps the students in achieving this goal. The students are gradually developing the skill of figuring out what a new word means by simply looking at the Chinese characters that make up the word and coming up with an educated guess as to what that word may mean.

The practice of this skill will be a great help when they reach IBDP Chinese B SL next year as the students will be required to constantly read text after text with both familiar words and unfamiliar ones.

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Mid-autumn festival










The annual Mid-autumn festival has just concluded and the students engaged in various activities such as the traditional dice game and face-painting.

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ATL Skill: Self-management (IBDP Psychology)

The Internal Assessment (IA) for the IBDP Psychology class is nearing completion. The class is to complete a replication of a simple psychological experiment. Other than the obvious research skills practiced through this task, the class also learned self-management.

The class learned to do the following:

- create long and short term plans and to meet the deadlines of those plans through the submission of required documents for the IA.
- set challenging but realistic goals to be completed within a set time period.
- preparing the necessary materials to be used for the experiment such as questionnaires, video/s, venue, standardized instructions, and debriefing notes.
- the use of technology (Google docs and Vassarstats) to help make the task more efficient in terms of submitting work, getting feedback, and performing complex statistical analysis.
- practice focus, concentration, and strategies to avoid distractions. The class was given a flexible time schedule for the completion of the task. This gives them the responsibility of setting and meeting their own deadlines to avoid work from piling up.

This being the final year of high school for this class, it’s only fitting that the class practices being responsible in setting their own goals and deadlines because they will soon be going off to college and will be given even more freedom. Not only that, but this is a skill that would be useful when handling other post-college matters.