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Working with Fraction Tiles

Use of manipulatives in Math has been proven effective since time immemorial. Even in the ancient times, many people have used physical objects to help them solve Math problems.

For our fraction lessons, 3JL students have been using fraction tiles in order to visualize and have a deeper understanding of fraction concepts.

It’s a joy to watch them figure out Math problems by using manipulatives which allow them to move from concrete experiences to abstract reasoning.


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Celebrating English Week

On  March 23, as Lower School celebrated English Week, the third graders took the opportunity to show off their spelling skills by having a Grade Level Spelling Bee. First, each class had a friendly competition amongst themselves wherein they got to spell out words with varying difficulties.
20170323_12532520170323_125336After obtaining the Top 3 winners for each section, both classes were merged to have a face-off round for the 6 spelling masters.

It was a good chance for the students to get to know the mechanics of a spelling bee and practice their spelling skills as well. At the end of the activity, Martin emerged victorious and was declared as the Spelling Bee winner!



At the same time, the students also had the opportunity to show their creativity and  writing skills by constructing narratives. I will always be a proud homeroom teacher of these energetic and creative kids!




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Happy 100 Days of School!

CISM celebrated its 100th Day of School on February 7, 2017. In line with this academic milestone, 3JL students enthusiastically contributed to the said event by making their own 100 Days Hats and filling up “time capsules” that asked them to imagine how they see themselves as 100-year olds.

20170207_123127 20170207_123138 20170207_123144 20170207_123158 20170207_123159 20170207_123200 20170207_123201

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Fantastic February!

Chinese New Year Celebration

On January 27, the CISM community welcomed the year of the Fire Rooster with a program that made everyone excited, especially the students of 3JL exhilarated. The series of activities started with a Dragon Dance in the school parking lot and was followed by the dragon’s “visitation” in each classroom. A mini-concert where kids got to perform different Chinese song and dance numbers followed after.

20170127_081407 20170127_095414 20170127_095413 20170127_095411 20170127_095257 20170127_095254 20170127_095131 20170127_081359 20170127_103710 20170127_103705 20170127_103806 20170127_103803

After the celebration, the students were divided by their houses for the second round of Sports Day. 3JL got to play different games like relay and basketball. It was indeed a fun and exciting day for everyone!

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Grade 3 Assembly

On January 19, Grades 3BR and 3JL gave a presentation on the IB Learner Profile “Balanced.” The presentation was a great success as the kids showcased their many talents through various mediums. The presentation began with the students dancing to a song entitled “Balance on One Foot.” This light-hearted song highlighted an important aspect of being “Balanced,” which is to do things in moderation as well as to maintain an active lifestyle!

Next, the students recited a poem entitled “A Balanced Life.” We believed that reciting the poem helped drive the message of living life in a balanced manner. As a bonus, the poem was also a great memorization activity for the kids.

However, the final component of the presentation was the much anticipated singing performance. The students worked tirelessly to perfect the dance routine to the song “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent. This special song encouraged both students, teachers and parents to reflect on the many aspects of their life and to understand that it is important to balance all aspects of our life–whether it is our home or school life. As a special treat for EY/EL students, our kids performed a black-light routine which required them to work together to create images and words with only their hands. I was very proud to see all of the students hard work pay off as they displayed the words “Love,” “Life” and other images such as birds, candles and a heart. The audience erupted into applause after the performance and the students were complimented on a job well-done throughout the day.

20170119_083605 20170119_083608 20170119_090309 20170119_090312 20170119_090313

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January, Be Happy!

As we begin another fantastic year, 3JL went full academic mode as they continue to show enthusiasm and excellence in different academic activities. Some of the highlights our January activities are as follow:

A Closer Look at Mosquitoes’ Life Cycle


Rights and Responsibilities of Individuals


Mastering Multiplication and Division


Writing and Publishing Personal Narratives

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This Is It December!

Months go by so fast! We can’t believe that it’s already December! Indeed, time flies when you’re having fun! Here are the things 3JL had been working on for the month of December. As part of Lower School’s Service Learning project, 3JL together with the other grade levels decorated parols that were put in auction for the benefit of MoveEd kids.

20161206_090224 20161207_19273820161206_09022120161207_192742 20161206_090217


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Spreading Love on Christmas Month

On December 9, students in the Lower School held their annual Service Learning Activity in partnership with the Move Ed Foundation. Each grade level prepared an activity that Move Ed kids got to enjoy and learn from. Grade 3 spearheaded the puppet-making and story telling sessions in the library.

It was a great opportunity to see students of 3JL reach out to these younger Move Ed kids, making sure that they were able to make them happy in one way or another. Seeing them help the little ones fold and cut paper and reading stories to them (even if there were some sort of language barrier)made me one proud homeroom teacher of these kiddos. At teh end of the day, we asked the children to make a reflection about the activity that they did with the Move Ed kids and we got excellent responses from them!

20161209_075940 20161209_080453 20161209_080456 20161209_080500 20161209_082112 20161209_082125 20161209_082143 20161209_092719 20161209_092726 20161209_092729 20161209_092730 20161209_100227

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Learning by Doing

“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.”

-John Dewey

The past months were filled with different Science mini-experiments that involve learning varied Scientific concepts such as force and motion, friction, magnetism and etc. They got to work in groups to make observations, discuss hypotheses, conduct experiments and come up with conclusions about various Scientific processes.

It’s such a joy to see these children learn lots of new information through collaboration and hands-on experiments!

20161115_10221920161115_102229 20161115_102157 20161115_102113 20161115_101949 20161115_101937 20161115_101901 20161115_101851 20161115_101850 20161115_101705 20161115_101648 20161115_101639 20161115_101623 20161114_085313 20161114_085313(0) 20161114_085038 20161114_085037(0) 20161114_085031 20161114_085000

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“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.”


Science Nature Walk 2

The kids went on another Nature Walk but this time, they focused on observing organisms that can be found around the campus.

20161121_081321 20161121_081556 20161121_081932 20161121_081951 20161121_082043 20161121_082122 20161121_082133 20161121_082136 20161121_082138 20161121_083233 20161121_083256

Math Centers

3JL had another round of Math Center activities where they worked in different stations to gain mastery of multiplication concepts.

20161128_131359 20161128_131406 20161128_131417 20161128_131429 20161128_131436 20161128_131437 20161128_133220 20161128_133227 20161128_133246 20161128_133252 20161128_133256 20161128_133300

Social Studies Debate

The kids oriented with the basics of debate and were later on asked to come up with arguments and counter arguments to defend their stand about different branches of government.

20161125_114505 20161125_114519 20161125_114532 20161125_114557 20161125_114558 20161125_114505 20161125_114519 20161125_114532 20161125_114557

Writing Personal Narrative and Developing Reading Comprehension

3JL has been consistently working on their personal narratives and is about to publish their works in a few weeks. They’re also working on their chapter packets of The Mouse and Motorcycle/The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in order to gain proficiency in comprehension.