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And We keep MARCH-ing On!

The months of March and April have been an amazing time for 3JL students to continue with their learning pursuits. For academics, we have been busy mastering multiplication and division facts and solving word problems that involve more than one operation. We have also started our discussion on fractions.  Students learned that there are different types of fractions and how each of them can be modeled using different representations.



For Science, the class also had a great time discussing natural and man-made selection which made them realize that in any particular environment, some kinds of organisms survive while others don’t. We also had a discussion on fossils which made them understand that some kinds of plants and animals that once lived on Earth are no longer found now but their traces and remains could tell a lot about they particular place they were found at.  At the same time, our class has also explored the dynamics of animal habitats and their adaptation skills in order to survive. They can now make connections of the animals’ body structures and how these help them thrive in the environment they live in.




For Social Studies, we have also wrapped up our lesson on Ancient Mesopotamia. The kids enjoyed the series of activities we’ve had that made them more familiar with how Mesopotamia established the first civilization and the changes that took place in it overtime. They got to know different empires that took over Mesopotamia and the inventions and innovations that came along with them. It was a great way for the students to understand the progress of mankind from being nomads to establishing their own cities and empires. In the past weeks, we have also delved into the wonders of Ancient Egypt and we have started exploring the ways of Ancient Egyptians and their rich contribution to the world.

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For ELA, we are now working on our Informational Texts where the students are given scaffolds to come up with detailed and well-researched output which they will publish and present to the class the next few weeks.

It’s amazing how time flies so fast and how much these children have grown into smarter and more mature individuals! We look forward to having more fun and exciting learning endeavors!

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The Benefits of Play

Laughter… Building figures together… Sharing ideas… Collaboration. All these things are always present whenever the students of 3JL spend their indoor playtime together.

Play is a child’s way to learn more about himself and the world. Through play, children learn to get along and communicate with others, sort conflicts and develop their cognitive and physical skills. Play helps them develop their imagination, concentration, self-confidence, and social skills as they explore different play experiences.

3JL’s creativity never fails to amaze me as they turn our classroom into different themes and assume different roles every indoor playtime!

They once turned the room into a hotel!



Sometimes it also seems like we’re in a bakeshop.



And then a museum!


And they also hold auditions for “The Voice” from time to time.



Indeed, play is a vital part of every child’s life and is quite essential not only for them to enjoy childhood but for us to make sure that we give them optimum opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually.


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February Fun Times!

Seems like it was only yesterday when we were busy singing Christmas carols and preparing for a New Year, but here we are now wrapping up the 2nd month of 2018. Time really flies so fast!

For the first two months of the year, 3JL had been a part of different celebrations like the Chinese New Year, 100 Days of School, and Valentine’s Day. We also had a Pet Day and of course, everyone’s most-awaited activity…

Field Trip!!!


We’re 100 days smarter!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tour at the Planetarium


Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Museum Day! Both 3rd Grade classes went to the National Museum of the Filipino People


For academics, the class remains consistent in showing progress in the quality of output they produce. We had an OREO (Opinion Writing) Publishing Party where they got to share their published chosen topic that contained their opinion and personal views. Reading comprehension exercises, grammar activities, writing responses, and character analysis practices are continuously given in class to attain fluency and mastery of the aforementioned skills.

The students also keep on achieving more and more milestones in Mathematics as they learn and understand Multiplication and Division concepts. They are now able to explain the relationship of these two operations with each other and represent them in different ways like by using repeated addition/subtraction, using equal groups and arrays, and by using number lines.

For Science, 3JL continues to explore concepts of Life Sciences by discussing  life cycle of organisms, group behavior and social interaction of animals as well as genetics and heredity. We’ve been looking into different traits that are either inherited from parents and ancestors or those that can be acquired from the environment.

At the same time, the class is also having a great time discussing Spanish, American and Japanese occupation which revealed a lot on why the Philippines has a very diverse and rich history. They also made connections of the information they obtained in class to what they saw in the National museum of the Philippines. We also tacked Mesopotamian civilization where they got the simulate writing in Cuneiform and doing trading just as how the Mesopotamian could have done it in the past. The kids are certainly having a great time learning a lot about Philippine and Mesopotamian histories!

We look forward to more amazing learning times in the months to come!



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The Year That Was

First semester is over, but the memories and learning we shared will surely last a lifetime!

2017 has been a  pretty good year for the class. We were able to unlock higher levels of learning in all core subjects and we are even ready to face this year’s lessons and activities with more confidence.

December was filled with lots of activities for 3JL, both academic and extra-curricular. Here are the highlights of last month’s activities:

For the core subjects, the class continued to delve into life science concepts such as growth and development of organisms as well as on the life cycles of plants and animals. We further explored how organisms, especially plants, can reproduce their own kind and create more seeds. We learned how seeds go through the process of germination and how they evolve into new plants.

We learned more of multiplication and their properties and started mastering multiplication facts from 2-11. We have been working on explaining our reasoning in words as we explore multiplication word problems, too.

For Social Studies, we finished the unit on Philippine history where the class were introduced to different era of colonizers. The students gained understanding of how Philippines became the diverse country that it is now because of the influences brought by different nations that colonized it.

At the same time, the class continues to publish their opinion writing in ELA where they develop their skills in writing and revising their work while also focusing on grammar and reading comprehension.

It’s a joy seeing these kids transition to a more mature and responsible versions of themselves!

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It’s Know-vember!

Another month went by oh so fast! Amidst a week of school break and another week of class suspensions, 3JL was able to accomplish lots of awesome things this month, be it in academics or extra-curricular tasks.

In ELA, the students continue to show progress in writing as they start to publish their first narratives and move on to writing opinion pieces. They continue to show diligence as we hone their comprehension skills and reading fluency, as well as their spelling and grammar skills. They also continue to explore concepts of realistic fiction and and informational texts.

For Mathematics, the kids have been showing better stamina and fluency in solving addition and subtraction word problems, both single and multi-step. We’ve been exploring Block Model Approach in solving word problems, too, which may help visualize the problem better. As we end the month, the students also started exploring the concept of multiplication. They can now represent multiplication in different ways such as repeated addition, equal groups, skip counting, arrays, and as part of a number line. We look forward to doing more challenging tasks that require multiplication!

At the same time, the class has been very eager as they continue to perform mini-experiments in Science. For this month, we focused on working with magnets and exploring static electricity. The class performed experiments that tested materials which could be attracted to magnets and how static electricity can be produced with the aid of an inflated balloon and some pieces of paper. I am so glad to see them learning different Physical Science concepts through these mini-experiments and we can’t wait to do more explorations as we enter Life Science!

For Social Studies, we have been discussing Spanish Colonization and American Occupation and their influences on Philippine culture. We’ve had fruitful exchange of ideas on how each of them made significant impact on Filipinos’ physical appearance and language and how their influences are still felt nowadays. We discussed important historical events like the Treaty of Paris made connections of how ruling power transitioned from the Spaniards to the Americans. It’s a joy watching the kids wonder and ask questions related to these topics, an evidence that they are interested to know more about the country where they currently live. Here’s to more fun historical explorations in the coming weeks and months!

For the non-academic activities, the school celebrated its Book Week this month as well where 3JL students participated actively in the Read Aloud activity as well as in yearly-awaited Book Character Dress-Up Day! This year, 3JL portrayed the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! It was an awesome dress-up experience for everyone!

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Wait… October is Over?!

October just went by so fast! As our 3rd month of school comes to a close, it was evident how 3JL students were able to accomplish milestones as they learned and discovered new things both in academics and non-academic aspects of school.

For Math, the class were able to develop fluency and mastery in addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers up to thousands. They were exposed to different strategies such as using place values, breaking numbers apart and even block model approach in order to have a deeper understanding of how numbers are added or subtracted. They were also provided with one to two-step word problems that required analysis and critical thinking in order to be solved. All in all, we can say that their computational and problem solving skills are now becoming more and more solid which is a good sign as we enter another operations concept – - multiplication!

In Science, students were provided with more opportunities to make reasonable predictions and draw sound conclusions on different concepts related to force and motions. They were asked to perform simple experiments on push and pull forces, gravity, friction, and Magnets. It is always such a joy seeing them collaborate, divide tasks equally among themselves, and come up with bright ideas on how to make things work. We look forward to more fun science encounters as the semester goes by!

Our ELA lessons continue to provide the children with a learning atmosphere where they can freely express their personal feelings through narrative writings and readers workshop. They were tasked to write, edit, and publish personal narratives and read fiction and nonfiction stories which we then analyze in class. I am glad to say that at this point, I can see how the children progress in reading and writing as they show better stamina and becoming more open in accepting constructive advice as they work on their assigned tasks.

At the same time, the students continue to amaze me as well as they show interest and enthusiasm in learning more about the Philippine geography and culture in Social Studies. It’s great to see them make connections of their own cultures and how the Philippine culture functions. We continuously learn from each other as they share to class how they enjoyed different places in the country as well as the food they’ve tried. They were also quite eager to share about the unique food and practices they have in their own countries.

All in all, the month of October had been a great learning month for the class. Cheers to more exciting days of learning and making fun memories ahead!:)

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Off to a Great Start!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

- Zig Ziglar

3JL has been doing wonderful things in and outside the classroom since the academic year started, and I’m glad to share with you the highlights of our challenging yet awesome and  fun experiences.

For academics:


The students are doing well in recalling past Math concepts such as the place value system, comparing, ordering, rounding off, and estimating whole numbers. We have as well started having a more in-depth discussion on properties of addition and the basic concepts of adding and subtracting. At the same time, children are getting lots of exposures in solving multi-digit addition and subtraction problems through collaborative learning tasks and by doing individual and paired works. As a bonus, they also get to answer different brain teasers and mind benders to help them think out of the box.


After our discussion on Scientific methods and traits of a scientist to review their concepts of what Science is about, 3JL has been engaging in doing mini experiments such as the Rainbow Milk and Walking Water in order to develop their skills in doing careful observations, making sound predictions and coming up with accurate conclusions. We have as well started our unit on Force and Motion where the students are about to explore concepts of balanced and unbalanced forces, friction, gravity, magnetism and etc.


For reading the students have been doing various activities to develop fluency and stamina in dealing with longer texts. They have a weekly dose of grade-level vocabulary and spelling words in class. They are also introduced to fiction and informational texts and are encouraged to read more of these types, too. The students are also given opportunities to become more critical in analyzing the characters in the stories we read by filling out character analysis charts supported by text evidence.

For writing, 3JL has already been introduced to the writing process where they are asked to brainstorm ideas which they could write about and refine their work along the way by revising and editing them thoroughly. They are also regularly provided with grammar, punctuation and capitalization lessons to help them come up with clear and understandable essays.

Social Studies

As we dig deeper in our discussions about Early Humans, it is such a joy to see the children gain more understanding of how humans evolved. As we currently explore the timeline of Human Evolution, the students gain more familiarity with different species like the Australopithecus, Homo habilis, Homo Erectus, the Cro-Magnon and Homo Sapien Sapiens.


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Welcome to Grade 3JL SY 2017-2018

Dear Grade 3 Parents and Families,

Welcome to 3rd Grade! I hope you all had a fun and restful summer break. I am pleased and excited to have your child in my class this year!

My name is Julie Ann Lucas, and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher for SY 2017-2018. I graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in Elementary Education. I am currently continuing my Master’s degree in the same university, concentrating on Developmental Psychology. This is my eighth year in this profession and my second year here in Chinese International School Manila. I am filled with enthusiasm at the thought of the many rewarding opportunities this new grade level has to offer.  Our class aims to focus on doing fun and exciting activities that will help each and every member to become more independent, responsible, and eager learners. I look forward to working with you in developing your child’s maximum potentials.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and unwavering support. I look forward to meeting with you soon! Let us work hand-in-hand in ensuring your child’s success this school year!

Yours in education,

Ms. Julie Ann Lucas

3-JL Homeroom Teacher


Kindly take note and be guided of the following guidelines for Grade 3-JL class:


  • Classes begin at 7:30am and end at 2:30pm daily except on Wednesdays. Classes on Wednesdays begin at 8:20am to give way for the weekly faculty meeting. Please refer to the attached homeroom schedule.
  • Dismissal on club days is at 3:30pm (with the exception of a few clubs).
  • Wednesdays and Fridays are PE days. Since they are scheduled to have their PE class during the last block, your child must come to school wearing his/her school uniform. Please make sure to send your child’s PE uniform and an extra shirt so he/she can change during and after PE time.
  • Snack time is at 9:00am while lunch time is at 10:40am. Bringing of healthy food and drinks is highly encouraged.
  • Students will also be given time to visit and borrow books from the library. Books can be borrowed and returned every Mondays and Wednesdays during library time.
  • Waiting area for early birds (7:00-7:25 am) will be at the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH). They will have their designated bag area on the first floor.
  • Latecomers must secure a late slip from Admissions Office
  • Waiting area after dismissal time is at the cafeteria.


  • Student packet supplies are to be kept in school for the class’ consumption.
  • Notebooks will be sent home to be labeled with the child’s complete name and section and should be covered with clear plastic. Kindly return the notebooks on or before August 15.


  • Students are required to come to school wearing complete school uniforms on Mondays to Thursdays while casual clothes are allowed on Fridays (no immodest style of clothes, expensive jewelry, make-up, hair dye, flamboyant hairstyles).
  • For your child’s personal belongings, kindly ensure that all of his/her items are properly labeled with his/her name. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles every day.
  • Your child is also required to have a personal hygiene kit which will be kept in the cubbies for them to use when needed. Please provide them with a container that is handy, durable, and compact. Your child’s kit should contain the following items:
  • extra set of clothes (shirt, short/pants, underwear, socks)
  • wet wipes
  • alcohol
  • powder
  • small face towel
  • cologne
  • All medications are coursed through the clinic and administered by the school nurse.
  • Gadgets and toys are to be kept at home unless required by the teacher for academic purposes.


  • Your child will be bringing home a student planner that will contain reminders and home work for the day.  Kindly take time to read and sign the planner on a daily basis.
  • For third grade, your child is expected to do 30 minutes of home work after school hours that is to be submitted the next day. At the same time, they are also expected to read for 15-20 minutes either independently or with the guidance of a sibling or parent. This is an extension of what we will do in class in order to develop mastery of skills and concepts as well as good study habits. Projects will also be given sometime this year which they will do either individually or by group.
  • Grade 3-JL will also have a classroom blog ( which you can check out to get updates on what we have accomplished for the month as well as reminders for upcomingprojects and events that the class will take part in.
  • If you have anything to share, please do not hesitate to email me at or send a note through your child’s student planner. If you would like to speak with me in person, please feel free to make an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu (02-798-0011).
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Working with Fraction Tiles

Use of manipulatives in Math has been proven effective since time immemorial. Even in the ancient times, many people have used physical objects to help them solve Math problems.

For our fraction lessons, 3JL students have been using fraction tiles in order to visualize and have a deeper understanding of fraction concepts.

It’s a joy to watch them figure out Math problems by using manipulatives which allow them to move from concrete experiences to abstract reasoning.


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Celebrating English Week

On  March 23, as Lower School celebrated English Week, the third graders took the opportunity to show off their spelling skills by having a Grade Level Spelling Bee. First, each class had a friendly competition amongst themselves wherein they got to spell out words with varying difficulties.
20170323_12532520170323_125336After obtaining the Top 3 winners for each section, both classes were merged to have a face-off round for the 6 spelling masters.

It was a good chance for the students to get to know the mechanics of a spelling bee and practice their spelling skills as well. At the end of the activity, Martin emerged victorious and was declared as the Spelling Bee winner!



At the same time, the students also had the opportunity to show their creativity and  writing skills by constructing narratives. I will always be a proud homeroom teacher of these energetic and creative kids!