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Math Week 2019

On the week of April 22-26, CISM celebrated Math Week where early years and elementary students participated in different Math-related activities. This served as a good opportunity for the Grade 4 students to unleash their Math skills in creating Math-related artwork, solving brain teasers, working with puzzles and participating in team quiz bee.


Below are the photos of their Math Art outputs. We incorporated art as they practiced their skills in solving for perimeter and area of squares of different sizes.

IMG_20190412_210534 (1)


The students also participated in the Puzzles Challenge where they worked in small groups to complete a Pentominoes Puzzle. The winning group then moved forward to the face-off round where the members had to battle each other. It was a delight to see them engage in a friendly competition!




We wrapped up the Math Week celebration with a Team Quiz Bee. The students worked in pairs and actively displayed collaboration and teamwork as they tried to solve the problems in each given round.



I hope that through these activities, we are able to make the students appreciate and love Math even more and enhance their Mathematical interest and confidence!

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Field Trip Time!

On March 24, the Grade 4 students had the opportunity to visit the La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City for their field trip. It was a day of learning, discovery, and fun for everyone!




The students were split into two groups, each having its own tour guide and assigned activities.The first stop was the Vermicomposting Station where the Eco Park staff introduced the concept of vermicosposting to the kids. According to them, it is a process that turns scraps and green wastes into a rich type of soil with the help of  a species of worms. These worms look quite similar to the usual earthworms we see around.



Next stop was the Tree Planting Station where the students had an orientation on how to plant a seedling. The staff gave backgrounds on the life span of trees and how people can alter and affect the environment by cutting down excessive number of trees.

IMG_20190321_093626IMG_20190321_093702rbtrbtIMG_20190321_093916IMG_20190321_092625IMG_20190321_093531IMG_20190321_094736IMG_20190321_092644IMG_20190321_093218IMG_20190321_093352We also explored the butterfly garden where the students had seen first hand how the life cycle of a butterfly goes. They also interacted with butterflies inside a butterfly den!



Lastly, both classes also went up the 200 plus steps of stairs leading to the La Mesa Dam viewing area in order to take a look at La Mesa Dam’s water level. Upon seeing, they easily made connections on the effect of the dam’s low water level to the water crisis being experienced by the people in the metro. They even gave interesting solutions on how this concern could be addressed.



All in all, I could say that this was a quite fruitful day of fun and learning not only for the kids but for us teachers as well. ‘Til our next adventure!

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February Fun Times

The month of February went by so fast!

Nonetheless, we still had a lot of fun welcoming the Year of the Pig and celebrating Valentine’s Day, while continuously working hard in our academic subjects at the same time.

Here are some snippets of our Chinese New Year Celebration which included the Chinese New Year workshops, Chinese New Year Program Presentation, and the much-awaited Dragon Dance!

20190204_13410320190204_13240320190204_134436 20190204_132341 20190204_132331 20190204_130909 20190204_130004 20190204_095103 20190204_095057 20190204_080910

We also had a simple Valentine’s Day activity where the students gave out positive notes to their classmates as a reminder that everyone is loved and accepted for who they are.


The month may have gone by so fast but the fun we had with different classroom and extra-curricular activities are surely going to last!

For Math, we are continuing with the fraction lessons, this time focusing on multiplication of fractions by whole numbers and solving fraction word problems.

20190213_124535 20190213_124531 20190213_124509

In Science, we wrapped up our discussion on Plant Structures and Functions by dissecting plants in order to have a first-hand learning experience on how plant reproduction takes place.

20190207_102003 20190207_101233 20190207_101230 (1) 20190207_101042 20190207_101025 20190207_083027 20190207_083012 20190207_082931 20190207_082607 20190207_081851

We now moved forward to the Human Body Systems as we later on make connections of the human’s internal and external structures to those of plants and animals.

As an introduction to the Human Body Systems, we made robotic fingers to understand how bones and muscles work together to help us move!

Looking forward to more engaging activities for the remaining months of the school year!


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January-fic Start!

Our students came back with so much energy and spirit after the festivities brought about by the holiday break. The kids were so eager to share their stories of how their Christmas break went; were quite excited as well to see their classmates and update them with their life happenings.
As we start a brand new year, we did not waste the time to learn and explore new Mathematical and Scientific concepts!
We are now exploring the concepts of fractions in Math, a concept that is not so new to the students as they already have prior knowledge of this topic back in 2nd and 3rd grade. However, these concepts are now being reviewed and extended in fourth grade as they get to work with equivalent fractions as well as comparing and ordering fractions. They get to visualize fraction equivalence using pattern blocks, drawing diagrams and by using cross multiplication.
At the same time, both classes have also started their learning journey on plants. We had a mini Nature Walk were the kids had the opportunity to observer plants that exist around them and look closely at their parts and structures.
20190110_095914 20190110_080127 20190110_075757 20190110_075651
January has been a great start for us to further explore concepts like photo synthesis and plant reproduction. They even conducted a mini-experiment to find out if air has a significant weight that contributes to the growth and development of plants.
We look forward to more exciting times in the coming months! :)
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Our Math x Science Adventures!

Science is not just about reading textbooks and answering worksheets. More importantly, it’s about performing experiments and doing hands-on activities that are surprising, exciting, and mind-boggling!

Working on them means taking risks, getting stuck in, finding things out for themselves, committing mistakes but learning from them, and using critical and analytical thinking in order to obtain sound conclusion.

Here are some snapshots of the things we’ve been very busy with as we tackled different Physical Science concepts:


For Math, the Grade 4 students have been very busy honing their skills in multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers. They were exposed to different strategies in multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers which help promote better problem solving skills.

It was a good way also for the students to collaborate with their peers as they helped each other out in finding the correct answers during our various small group activities.



Looking forward to more fruitful learnings in the coming months!

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Learning in September!

The months of August and September have gone by so fast, we barely noticed that First Quarter is almost done!

For the past two months, the students have been working on their mathematical computations and experimenting skills. It’s such a delight to see them develop into more collaborative and articulate  individuals who are not afraid to share their thought processes in class.

In Math, we’ve been working on the foundations of numeracy by recalling whole number concepts such as the place value and value, reading and writing numbers in standard and expanded form, comparing and ordering numbers, as well as rounding numbers. The students are also reviewing their knowledge on the four operations but this time, they are dealing with multi-digit numbers that test not only their computational skills but also the accuracy and speed they exert in solving various Math problems. Opportunities to solve Math riddles, puzzles, and mental math drills individually or in small groups are also consistently provided where they learn to collaborate and share Math ideas with one another.

In Science, the students continue to explore and master the Scientific Method as they perform experiments and engineering designs in class. As we delve deeper into the realm of Force and Energy, they continue to ask questions that can be investigated and give out hypothesis that are based on possible scientific outcomes. It’s great to see them exchange ideas with one another as they plan and conduct investigations and experiments. Seeing them come up with refined solutions to design problems they encounter is also a wonderful sight in class, I can see how these young minds could become excellent problem solvers in the future!

Cheers to more learning in the coming days!

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Welcome to 4JL – School Year 2018-2019!

August 1, 2018

Dear Grade 4 Parents and Families,

Welcome to 4th Grade! I hope you all had a fun and restful summer break. I am pleased and excited to have your child in my class this year!

My name is Julie Ann Lucas or Ms. July as most of the students called me back in third grade, and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher for SY 2018-2019. I graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in Elementary Education. I am currently continuing my Master’s degree in the same university, concentrating on Developmental Psychology. This is my ninth year in this profession and my third year here in Chinese International School Manila. I am filled with enthusiasm at the thought of the many rewarding opportunities this new grade level has to offer.

In preparation for Middle School, the fourth graders will have the opportunity to experience team teaching this year. I will be handling your child’s Mathematics and Science subjects while my counterpart, Ms. Daniella Delos Reyes will be in charge of ELA and Social Studies. Our class aims to focus on doing fun and exciting activities that will help each and every member to become more independent, responsible, and eager learners. I look forward to working with you in developing your child’s maximum potentials.

If you have anything to share, please do not hesitate to email me at or send a note through your child’s student planner. If you would like to speak with me in person, please feel free to make an appointment with Ms. Kitin Conchu (02-798-0011). Grade 4-JL will also have a classroom blog ( which you can check out to get updates on what we have accomplished for the month as well as reminders for upcoming projects and events that the class will take part in.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and unwavering support. I look forward to meeting with you soon! Let us work hand-in-hand in ensuring your child’s success this school year!

Yours in education,

Ms. Julie Ann Lucas

4-JL Homeroom Teacher

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And We keep MARCH-ing On!

The months of March and April have been an amazing time for 3JL students to continue with their learning pursuits. For academics, we have been busy mastering multiplication and division facts and solving word problems that involve more than one operation. We have also started our discussion on fractions.  Students learned that there are different types of fractions and how each of them can be modeled using different representations.



For Science, the class also had a great time discussing natural and man-made selection which made them realize that in any particular environment, some kinds of organisms survive while others don’t. We also had a discussion on fossils which made them understand that some kinds of plants and animals that once lived on Earth are no longer found now but their traces and remains could tell a lot about they particular place they were found at.  At the same time, our class has also explored the dynamics of animal habitats and their adaptation skills in order to survive. They can now make connections of the animals’ body structures and how these help them thrive in the environment they live in.




For Social Studies, we have also wrapped up our lesson on Ancient Mesopotamia. The kids enjoyed the series of activities we’ve had that made them more familiar with how Mesopotamia established the first civilization and the changes that took place in it overtime. They got to know different empires that took over Mesopotamia and the inventions and innovations that came along with them. It was a great way for the students to understand the progress of mankind from being nomads to establishing their own cities and empires. In the past weeks, we have also delved into the wonders of Ancient Egypt and we have started exploring the ways of Ancient Egyptians and their rich contribution to the world.

20180208_08551220180208_08531020180219_141409 20180219_141426 20180226_142136 20180226_142342

For ELA, we are now working on our Informational Texts where the students are given scaffolds to come up with detailed and well-researched output which they will publish and present to the class the next few weeks.

It’s amazing how time flies so fast and how much these children have grown into smarter and more mature individuals! We look forward to having more fun and exciting learning endeavors!

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The Benefits of Play

Laughter… Building figures together… Sharing ideas… Collaboration. All these things are always present whenever the students of 3JL spend their indoor playtime together.

Play is a child’s way to learn more about himself and the world. Through play, children learn to get along and communicate with others, sort conflicts and develop their cognitive and physical skills. Play helps them develop their imagination, concentration, self-confidence, and social skills as they explore different play experiences.

3JL’s creativity never fails to amaze me as they turn our classroom into different themes and assume different roles every indoor playtime!

They once turned the room into a hotel!



Sometimes it also seems like we’re in a bakeshop.



And then a museum!


And they also hold auditions for “The Voice” from time to time.



Indeed, play is a vital part of every child’s life and is quite essential not only for them to enjoy childhood but for us to make sure that we give them optimum opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually.


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February Fun Times!

Seems like it was only yesterday when we were busy singing Christmas carols and preparing for a New Year, but here we are now wrapping up the 2nd month of 2018. Time really flies so fast!

For the first two months of the year, 3JL had been a part of different celebrations like the Chinese New Year, 100 Days of School, and Valentine’s Day. We also had a Pet Day and of course, everyone’s most-awaited activity…

Field Trip!!!


We’re 100 days smarter!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tour at the Planetarium


Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Museum Day! Both 3rd Grade classes went to the National Museum of the Filipino People


For academics, the class remains consistent in showing progress in the quality of output they produce. We had an OREO (Opinion Writing) Publishing Party where they got to share their published chosen topic that contained their opinion and personal views. Reading comprehension exercises, grammar activities, writing responses, and character analysis practices are continuously given in class to attain fluency and mastery of the aforementioned skills.

The students also keep on achieving more and more milestones in Mathematics as they learn and understand Multiplication and Division concepts. They are now able to explain the relationship of these two operations with each other and represent them in different ways like by using repeated addition/subtraction, using equal groups and arrays, and by using number lines.

For Science, 3JL continues to explore concepts of Life Sciences by discussing  life cycle of organisms, group behavior and social interaction of animals as well as genetics and heredity. We’ve been looking into different traits that are either inherited from parents and ancestors or those that can be acquired from the environment.

At the same time, the class is also having a great time discussing Spanish, American and Japanese occupation which revealed a lot on why the Philippines has a very diverse and rich history. They also made connections of the information they obtained in class to what they saw in the National museum of the Philippines. We also tacked Mesopotamian civilization where they got the simulate writing in Cuneiform and doing trading just as how the Mesopotamian could have done it in the past. The kids are certainly having a great time learning a lot about Philippine and Mesopotamian histories!

We look forward to more amazing learning times in the months to come!