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Spectacular September

September has been a pretty busy month for 3-JL; they got to perform experiments, explore information about cultures and maps, solve challenging Math problems, write narratives as well as read and analyze stories more closely. As we wrap up the month, here are snippets of different classroom experiences 3-JL got to work on.


Mini-experiment on gravity and free falling objects


Collaborative work in identifying different types of maps


Time to make their interactive notebook on maps


Trying out various techniques to solve a Math brain teaser


Explaining ideas and solutions to classmates

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It’s Sports Day!

Last September 13, CISM held its first Sports Day for the school year. The kids had fun teaming up with children of their house colors. They got to play different friendly games such as  Obstacle Relay, Flag Race, Island Relay, Poison Tag, and etc.


3-JL Blue Team


Ina going one-on-one against Yellow Team in Flag Race


Yasuko getting some instructions from Ms. D

At the end of the day, 3JL went to show that even if they belong to different house colors, their bond as brothers and sisters in class remains unbreakable.


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A Milky Experiment!

What will happen when droplets of food color interact with milk and dish washing soap?

In this Science activity, Grade 3JL worked like little scientists:  they formulated questions, made hypotheses, conducted a simple experiment and generated conclusions as a culminating activity after they have learned the Traits of a Scientist and the Different Steps of Scientific Method.


Group 1 writing down their hypotheses and observations




“Teacher, we made art!”

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Awesome August Happenings

          “Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long… We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

-Walt Disney

Time goes by so fast! We’ve already wrapped up the first month of school and this bunch of smart, energetic, and awesome students have already done incredible wonders in class.

First Day High!

Classes officially started on August 9 but got cancelled halfway due to inclement weather. But hey, who said we can’t enjoy the first day amidst the storm?:)





Goofing around with this awesome bunch!

Snippets of Filipiniana Day and Spirit Week

Filipiniana Day and Spirit Week just ended a couple of weeks ago and 3-JL kids surely know how to seize this once a year event!


20160830_120739 World Idols’ Day!


3-JL in Filipiniana attire :)


Who you gonna call?


3-JL Ghost Busters with the Slimers!

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3-JL Explorers in Action

These kids are not just after the fun and light side of school. They’re also a bunch of knowledge seekers who are not afraid to go out of their comfort zones to ask questions, present their works to others, and perform collaborative tasks in order to learn! Wait ‘til you see them go full “work mode” and you’ll be amazed by their enthusiasm to learn!


Cooperative Learning Task on Rounding Off Whole Numbers


Brainstorm for answers!

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