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Grade 3 Assembly

On January 19, Grades 3BR and 3JL gave a presentation on the IB Learner Profile “Balanced.” The presentation was a great success as the kids showcased their many talents through various mediums. The presentation began with the students dancing to a song entitled “Balance on One Foot.” This light-hearted song highlighted an important aspect of being “Balanced,” which is to do things in moderation as well as to maintain an active lifestyle!

Next, the students recited a poem entitled “A Balanced Life.” We believed that reciting the poem helped drive the message of living life in a balanced manner. As a bonus, the poem was also a great¬†memorization activity for the kids.

However, the final component of the presentation was the much anticipated singing performance. The students worked tirelessly to perfect the dance routine to the song “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent. This special song encouraged both students, teachers and parents to reflect on the many aspects of their life and to understand that it is important to balance all aspects of our life–whether it is our home or school life. As a special treat for EY/EL students, our kids performed a black-light routine which required them to work together to create images and words with only their hands. I was very proud to see all of the students hard work pay off as they¬†displayed the words “Love,” “Life” and other images such as birds, candles and a heart. The audience erupted into applause after the performance and the students were complimented on a job well-done throughout the day.

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January, Be Happy!

As we begin another fantastic year, 3JL went full academic mode as they continue to show enthusiasm and excellence in different academic activities. Some of the highlights our January activities are as follow:

A Closer Look at Mosquitoes’ Life Cycle


Rights and Responsibilities of Individuals


Mastering Multiplication and Division


Writing and Publishing Personal Narratives