Wait… October is Over?!

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October just went by so fast! As our 3rd month of school comes to a close, it was evident how 3JL students were able to accomplish milestones as they learned and discovered new things both in academics and non-academic aspects of school.

For Math, the class were able to develop fluency and mastery in addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers up to thousands. They were exposed to different strategies such as using place values, breaking numbers apart and even block model approach in order to have a deeper understanding of how numbers are added or subtracted. They were also provided with one to two-step word problems that required analysis and critical thinking in order to be solved. All in all, we can say that their computational and problem solving skills are now becoming more and more solid which is a good sign as we enter another operations concept – - multiplication!

In Science, students were provided with more opportunities to make reasonable predictions and draw sound conclusions on different concepts related to force and motions. They were asked to perform simple experiments on push and pull forces, gravity, friction, and Magnets. It is always such a joy seeing them collaborate, divide tasks equally among themselves, and come up with bright ideas on how to make things work. We look forward to more fun science encounters as the semester goes by!

Our ELA lessons continue to provide the children with a learning atmosphere where they can freely express their personal feelings through narrative writings and readers workshop. They were tasked to write, edit, and publish personal narratives and read fiction and nonfiction stories which we then analyze in class. I am glad to say that at this point, I can see how the children progress in reading and writing as they show better stamina and becoming more open in accepting constructive advice as they work on their assigned tasks.

At the same time, the students continue to amaze me as well as they show interest and enthusiasm in learning more about the Philippine geography and culture in Social Studies. It’s great to see them make connections of their own cultures and how the Philippine culture functions. We continuously learn from each other as they share to class how they enjoyed different places in the country as well as the food they’ve tried. They were also quite eager to share about the unique food and practices they have in their own countries.

All in all, the month of October had been a great learning month for the class. Cheers to more exciting days of learning and making fun memories ahead!:)

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