Ms. July

The Year That Was

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First semester is over, but the memories and learning we shared will surely last a lifetime!

2017 has been a  pretty good year for the class. We were able to unlock higher levels of learning in all core subjects and we are even ready to face this year’s lessons and activities with more confidence.

December was filled with lots of activities for 3JL, both academic and extra-curricular. Here are the highlights of last month’s activities:

For the core subjects, the class continued to delve into life science concepts such as growth and development of organisms as well as on the life cycles of plants and animals. We further explored how organisms, especially plants, can reproduce their own kind and create more seeds. We learned how seeds go through the process of germination and how they evolve into new plants.

We learned more of multiplication and their properties and started mastering multiplication facts from 2-11. We have been working on explaining our reasoning in words as we explore multiplication word problems, too.

For Social Studies, we finished the unit on Philippine history where the class were introduced to different era of colonizers. The students gained understanding of how Philippines became the diverse country that it is now because of the influences brought by different nations that colonized it.

At the same time, the class continues to publish their opinion writing in ELA where they develop their skills in writing and revising their work while also focusing on grammar and reading comprehension.

It’s a joy seeing these kids transition to a more mature and responsible versions of themselves!

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