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February Fun Times!

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Seems like it was only yesterday when we were busy singing Christmas carols and preparing for a New Year, but here we are now wrapping up the 2nd month of 2018. Time really flies so fast!

For the first two months of the year, 3JL had been a part of different celebrations like the Chinese New Year, 100 Days of School, and Valentine’s Day. We also had a Pet Day and of course, everyone’s most-awaited activity…

Field Trip!!!


We’re 100 days smarter!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tour at the Planetarium


Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Museum Day! Both 3rd Grade classes went to the National Museum of the Filipino People


For academics, the class remains consistent in showing progress in the quality of output they produce. We had an OREO (Opinion Writing) Publishing Party where they got to share their published chosen topic that contained their opinion and personal views. Reading comprehension exercises, grammar activities, writing responses, and character analysis practices are continuously given in class to attain fluency and mastery of the aforementioned skills.

The students also keep on achieving more and more milestones in Mathematics as they learn and understand Multiplication and Division concepts. They are now able to explain the relationship of these two operations with each other and represent them in different ways like by using repeated addition/subtraction, using equal groups and arrays, and by using number lines.

For Science, 3JL continues to explore concepts of Life Sciences by discussing¬† life cycle of organisms, group behavior and social interaction of animals as well as genetics and heredity. We’ve been looking into different traits that are either inherited from parents and ancestors or those that can be acquired from the environment.

At the same time, the class is also having a great time discussing Spanish, American and Japanese occupation which revealed a lot on why the Philippines has a very diverse and rich history. They also made connections of the information they obtained in class to what they saw in the National museum of the Philippines. We also tacked Mesopotamian civilization where they got the simulate writing in Cuneiform and doing trading just as how the Mesopotamian could have done it in the past. The kids are certainly having a great time learning a lot about Philippine and Mesopotamian histories!

We look forward to more amazing learning times in the months to come!



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